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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


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Tim Chesterton

Thanks for all those years, Rick. Will definitely be following you over.


Kathy Brents

Proud to be one of the three! I can't wait to see the new! Good luck and God bless and I will definitely miss Brutally Honest.


I guess I'm #3.

I've been coming here for @10 yrs. if not longer. If memory serves me correct the first post I read was link by Blackfive which was about, of all things, Britney Spears.

Man, we use to have some serious debates back in the day. First there was Zosima, or whatever his nickname was. Then that idiot Salvage, what a knucklehead. With Mommynator, Locutisprime, BroKen, Morgan and Chuck, aka xtnyoda all making things interesting and which I fondly miss.

Anyways...13 years is a good run, Rick. Not too many blogs stay around that long.

Appreciate the opportunity to guest post what little I did. And of course to run my mouth in the comment section.

I'll say good bye now, even though, as you stated, BH will be around for awhile as will I. It was truly a pleaser, my cyber friend, Rick.

tim, The Godless Heathen

Marla Hughes

I'm not Catholic and don't comment much here but I've always made time to read your take on issues I care about.
Thank you.


Thanks again to all of you, those who've been frequent interactors and those who've been but mere lurkers.

Tim... don't say goodbye brother... come by the new place occasionally man... and know that the hope for a face to face over a beer or three continues to live on.

Peace to all of you.



Thanks for everything. Although lately I jump in and catch up on a week or two, and jump out, I never stayed away for long.

Set the new link, but will miss seeing BH in the feed.


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