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Saturday, March 12, 2016


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Reports are suggesting that Trump, not local law enforcement officials, called off last night's rally in Chicago.

Other reports are stating that Trump packed 25,000 people into a venue that only holds 10,000 in the middle of an area of the city known to predominantly vote for Democrats.

Anyone think, as I'm thinking, that Trump knows exactly what he's doing and who he's aiming to gin up and foment?


Rubio with some serious wisdom...


I would say to Cruz, whom I’ll be voting for come April, and you, Rick, there is no but… “But in any campaign responsibility…” there is only responsibility. He should have stopped while he was ahead.

The responsibility for what happened at the Trump’s rally Friday night falls squarely on those who chose to crash the rally, looking for trouble and finding it. Full stop.

This is exactly what these thugs who were directed and encouraged by and Black Lives Matter, etc. want – to divide us. It would seem they are accomplish it with embarrassing ease.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary have had rallies interrupted by these same affiliated jackwagons. Nobody chose to blame them for those incidents’, and rightfully so.

Trump, should be able to hold a rally anywhere he wants to without be forced by miscreants to shut it down because of some minor fisticuffs. Of course Chicago is a Democratic stronghold. There are not that many major cities in the country that aren’t. Should Trump, or the other Republican candidates for that matter, not hold a rally in any of them?

tim aka The Godless Heathen


This piece is relevant and enlightening...


BS. Conservatives bear a significantly disproportionate amount of bigotry overall. Fact.

Trump’s campaign, including his supporters, have brought that forward.

He IS the face of Ugly America.

And he will probably, if not obviously crash and burn. Hopefully soon; to a crisp.

I don’t expect “you people”  to be intellectually honest and admit that.

There are numerous liberal sins; THAT Trump’s all of them a morally, and as a very serious threat to America.

I wish you well. Peace.



Edit: THAT Trumps all of them morally....


Edit: THAT Trump’s all of them a morally....


Rick, this piece is more enlightening -

"The New York Times published a profile of a Donald Trump campaign office in Florida, expressing astonishment at the number of non-white people and immigrants working in it."

Read more:

tim aka The Godless Heathen



Writing “Fact” after a comment does not make it so.(I don’t think that word means what you think it does.)

Conservatives have a historic record of anti-bigotry and anti-racism. You’d know this if you’d bother to educate yourself instead of regurgitating the same ole Liberal lies that you’ve been taught by your clown professors.

Also, you cannot accuse someone of not being “intellectually honest” because you’ve simply shared an opinion. (If I have to explain that to you…you’ll never understand.) Especially one that is majorly flawed - Trump has all but wrapped up the primary delegates. But maybe that’s “crash(ing) and burn(ing)” to someone obviously lacking in any seriousness.

But, you are correct, it must be hard holding the moral high ground when you have to toughest of choices between an old, haggard Socialist…and Bernie Sanders. Talk about your Shining City Upon a Hill…

tim aka The Godless Heathen

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