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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


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The statement uses two incorrect premises to forward an agenda that perversely pulls at the heart string.

Veterans are no more likely to use, or “beg”, a food pantry that the rest of the population. Painting veterans as downtrodden has long been the playbook of the John Edwards' of the world. Meanwhile, they could give a shit about them as proven by what they do, or rather the lack thereof, for them

And as far as “to avoid taxing the rich” is plain incorrect, the rich pay more than their fair share. What would be the “appropriate” amount of taxes - 60, 70, 90% ?

And what is rich? I’m not by any stretch of the imagination and my messily paycheck gets wacked way freekin’ too much.

Let’s stop SPENDING it all and maybe, just maybe we’d all be much happier.

tim aka The Godless

Kathy Brents

I get what you are saying in the post itself and tend to agree, but the graphic seems like a different post altogether, unless I am missing some connection. Regarding the graphic, standing alone it would be an accurate statement, but the implication that the country described is the U.S. is really inaccurate.


tim, there were, according to HUD, nearly 50,000 homeless veterans in 2014, nearly 11% of the homeless population in total. You know that much less than that number, as a percentage of the population, actually serve... it's a blight. Yes, some of these men and women are there because of their own stupid decisions but, you've got to agree, the system is broken. I've served in homeless shelters and it's a damned tough thing to see.

There have been legislative attempts made to try to do something about it and both parties have failed to get the job done... is the meme 100% complete and accurate, from a literal perspective... no... is it accurate from a perspective of message... that this country isn't doing enough for those who've sacrificed for her? Yes. I believe so. Firmly.


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