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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


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Bishop Sheen fell prey to a false narrative, which was the late authorship of the Gospels. Get a recent copy of Nestle, and look at the references, which take up half of the book.
A great deal of discovery has taken place in the last 100 years, demonstrating that the Gospels were spread widely VERY EARLY. The climax was the busted crocodile. Crocodiles were embalmed by the Egyptians. They were filled with confetti in order to keep their shape. Well, the excavators dropped one and its contents spilled out. Fragments of papyri. And one of them was part of John, conclusively dated to 70 AD. So you can forget about 190 AD for John. All Nicaea did was to agree that these documents had always been around, and reject many of the spurious ones (like the Arabic Gospel of the Infancy).
Look it up.


Bishop Sheen seems to be referencing that written even earlier than the crocodile texts so... not sure I'm seeing the problem.

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