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Thursday, January 01, 2015


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This will be an interesting discussion, Rick, and I'll look forward to reading more of your conversation with Pastor Pete. The question of where authority lies is at the root of all spiritual questions: first, is there any authority greater than ourselves; second, if yes, how, if at all, has that authority revealed truth to humanity?

As a Protestant, I believe God has revealed himself through his creation, through the prophets, through Scripture, through the incarnated Christ, and through the voice of the Holy Spirit active in his church, both past and present. I believe Catholics would agree that those are the means God has used to reveal himself to us. (I may have inadvertently left something off my list.)

What I lack as a Protestant is a single, authoritative voice that defines orthodoxy for me. As a Catholic, I believe you look to the Roman Catholic Church to be that voice and to define orthodoxy. That leaves us with much common ground, but also some very important differences in the practical ways we live out our faith.

Anyway, thanks for helping me understand Catholicism better, and thanks to you for the example of faithfulness you are in your life and writing.


Thank you Charlie, for being a loyal reader and for writing your own inspiring posts over the years at your place.

I hope not to let anyone down as the series unfolds.

Thanks, Rick. This should be a helpful exchange for many people. The place to begin is not in the minutiae but in establishing whether the Church has authority and is trustworthy. If one settles that question in the affirmative, the rest is about conforming our will to God's.


Little late Deacon Bill to begin with an expanded post on the authority passed to the Church by God Himself however, not a bad time to plug a book I read nearly a year ago by Mark Shea on the subject. An outstanding read.

By What Authority?: An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition...

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