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Monday, December 30, 2013


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Quick, who has more playoff wins as a Bronco, Tebow or Peyton Manning?

I generally like Merril Hoge. Was he brutally honest about Tebow, yes. Was he correct? I dunn'o. But it would seem all the GM's in the NFL thought the same thing.

Good luck with your new career Mr. Tebow.


Answer to the first question, for the clueless, is Tebow... though clearly, that will change. Not sure I'm following the was Hoge brutally honest line of questioning though... there's no evidence whatsoever to support the assertion that Tebow is a phony or that he concealed his true colors, in fact, the evidence supports that he's a winner and that he is who he is, in front of or behind the cameras.

I didn't know who Merill Hoge was until he came down hard on Tebow... and I've not been impressed ever since. But that's me and yes, I'm biased toward people of character. Hoge, to date, has shown me he doesn't have any.


Sorry, Rick, I was referring to Hoge’s assertions that Tebow can’t win nor would help, Jacksonville, or any other NFL team. Don’t get me wrong I like Tebow, as a player and a man, but like team's records ,you are what your record is, Tebow is out of the league. Nothing I say or Hoge says changes that.

As far as Manning, again I like the guy, especially as Colt fan, but before anyone circles Denver on their playoff pools, just keep a few things in mind. Manning has gone one and done in the playoffs EIGHT times! Many of those times they were home and huge favorites. (Like this year). Also, his career playoff record is a measly 9 & 11. Take away the ‘06 Super Bowl year and it falls to 5 & 11. Just horrible.

And the reason I even say “take away the SB year” is they won despite of him not because of him. The defense and the running game won every one of those games. He had 3 TD against 7 interceptions and never had, not for one of those games, more TD’s than interceptions. Dominic Rhodes should have been the Super Bowl MVP, not Manning.

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