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Thursday, October 31, 2013


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Personally I’ve never seen a ghost, but I’ve heard of guy, a shadowy figure, a man of complete mystery and intrigue.

Nobody knew much about him. Not his background, friends, how he paid for his very expensive college education. Furthermore nobody seems to have ever attended any classes or was involved with any student groups with him. Surprisingly he was even the president of the student newspaper, yet there is nothing in record that he ever published. Same with all of his college class records. It’s as if he never attended college but we’re told in fact did.

The mystery continues after college when he supposedly was hired as a lawyer and some type of lecturer or professor, depending on who you talk to. Yet there is very little or next to nothing on record to show that he ever accomplished anything in those positions.

The only time we get to see a glimpse of this man of mystery is well into his thirties as some type of community organizer. But again, we’re not able to witness his accomplishments in this capacity either.

Then after that he’s elected to his state senate, then the US Senate and finally, lo and behold, this man we know close to nothing about is elected to president of the United States.

So do I believe in ghosts? Yes, yes I do. And he scares the freekin’ wits out of me.


Nicely done tim... nicely done.


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