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Friday, September 20, 2013


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

Even for her this is laughable. Even for her this is laughable. (Evidentially if you said it twice in a row it becomes true.)

Republicans; against brilliance, eloquence and nonpartisanship…clean water and air, education, old people, kids, puppy dogs…basically all things that are good and decent. We just basically hate.

Iris Celeste

Yes, she and most of the national leadership is terrible, but that is precisely what this past Sunday's Gospel was about. The "wealthy man" is God, we are the incompetent, inefficient, stewards, and people like Nancy Peloci are the debtors. Are we willing to "Pay-off" some of her debt, because she has acquired a huge debt she has no knowledge of, by fasting, sacrificing our comfort, and praying for her? She can cause us great harm and it would be wise for us to expedite her conversion with our sacrifice and prayer. Now do you understand the meaning of this Sunday's Gospel?

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