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Saturday, November 24, 2012


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chuck aka xtnyoda

The head demon was giving a minor demon it's final quiz before sending it to do it's evil on earth among mankind.
"What is the lie that you will tell humans to have them end up in hell?"
"First I'll tell them there is no God."
"Idiot! Every human is born with an inherit knowledge that there is a God!"
"Then I will tell them that there is no hell."
"Well, you will deceive perhaps many with that lie, but not most. They may not want to believe in a hell, but most do believe deep in their heart. Can you think of no better lie?"
"Well, what if I tell them that there is no hurry?"
And the head demon smiled and patted the student demon on the head.
"Ah, yes! This lie will destine billions to our master's domain!"


I've been thinking about this topic this week as I read "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn. Timely enough that I've listened to this Fr Barron clip twice. :)

Tim Chesterton

Speaking of demons and temptations, C.S. Lewis somewhere has a quote that runs like this: 'The devil used to try to prevent people from doing good works, but now he's learned a trick worth two of that - he organises them!'


So Tim... the devil is a... community organizer?!

Tim Chesterton

Hah - not going there!

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