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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


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I am a Vietnam veteran who flies his flag from the front deck daily. It is a little ratty, and I have a new flag which I had hoped to fly on the 7th. It looks like it will be a few more years.

As for risking angering veterans. Depends on what you do. I don't agree with flying it upside down, but respect their actions. Burning it while stamping on it is another issue entirely.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Last Wed. I actually came very close to posting here a picture of an upside down flag, Rick. For various reasons, one being I’m just a guest poster, I didn’t do it.

But thinking about flying it upside down come summer at the lake. If were not in distress now…


Flying the flag upside down was originally meant as a true distress signal, something that requires urgent action. Such as "Help! my boat is sinking!"

While I agree with his feelings, this action of flying the flag upside down as a political message is misguided in my opinion as it diminishes the real "distress signal" origins. Do it too often and it becomes like a car alarm - something which no one believes is really a car being broken into - we all assume it is some idiot owner who accidently set the alarm off.

But, I do believe he is free to do as he pleases and I totally support his message.

To answer your question - I cannot say that we have ever been divided after an election since the civil war (War of northern aggression for my southern friends) as we are now.

I can speak for myself and say that, as one who has been out of work for 2 years and counting, I do feel betrayed by my fellow Americans.

The number one issue that all voters should have asked themselves is who is going to do something about the employment issue. It is not just those of us out of work for the long term; many who have work are in such crappy jobs (i.e., managers forcing them to work overtime without overtime pay, work weekends without pay, work without benefits or holiday pay in long term "temp" assignments - not exactly a temp assignment if it lasts a couple of years, now is it?)

Forget everything else - Benghazi, fast & furious, golfing instead of attending security meetings, expensive vacations on the taxpayor's dollars, crude and vulgar language in a public setting, playing celebrity instead of leading, etc. Nope, forget all that and think about the number one issue facing your fellow Americans - lack of work!

I, for one, am very angry at the outcome of this election. I've been dissappointed. Heck, I've even been sad when the candidate I voted for did not win. But, I have never, NEVER, before been angry.

Yes, angry! How could so many folks not care. Everyone that I know who voted for Obama is no longer someone who I wish to care about - they voted for their own selfish reasons instead of caring about others who are hurting. I will not do business, nor break bread, with Obama supporters. period.

Charities ask for money - I will demand to know how they voted. Fireman ask for donations at the traffic intersection - I will demand to know how they voted. My elderly neighbor asks me to drive her somewhere or asks me to help carry her groceries - I will demand to know how she voted. The blood bank calls to remind me that I am eligible to give blood again - I will demand to know how they voted. I can shop elsewhere if you voted for Obama. Anyone who asks for anything needs to tell me that they didn't vote for Obama.

Obama supporters will NOT get one dime, nor get any charity, nor get any help from me. They threw me out on my own - they can do without my help.

I simply cannot survive another 4 years of this nonsense. Obama supporters just don't get that.

And that is something that will not change any time soon. So, yea, we are divided.

chuck aka xtnyoda

Charles, I voted "R" so can I send you my churches mailing address? :-) (just teasing!)

Your post does make a lot of sense, "You want my donation, how did you vote?" Might start a movement!

tim aka The Godless Heathen

"Might start a movement!"

It's already started. Join in...everyone.


I just told the missus today that I have been avoiding Facebook because I will be-friending all who I discover voted for they family, long-time friend or acauaintance! I simply have no further use for idiots and moochers.

Larry Sheldon

Divided we fall. United we fall. We went to the polls and chose our destiny. Stayed home and chose it.

The sad a pathetic thing about this picture and the angst surrounding it is the implication that there is somewhere on this Earth somebody that cares about our distress.

The belief that right after the popcorn intermission the Cavalry will arrive in a cloud of dust.

Not going to happen. Ever.

This may very well have been the last national election. I don't know how it will be pulled off, but my guess is we are now dealing with a President-for-life.

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