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Sunday, November 11, 2012


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Morgan, I hear you and understand your points, but I feel the more prescient realities of what happened and why are being overlooked. Certainly there are those who will rage against George Bush until the day they die, but that does not make them either justified or salient in their analogies and attacks on Bush.

George Bush didn't do anything that any of his predecessors had not done, both democrat and republican. Call it favoritism, call it cronyism, call it anything you like, the bottom line, not unlike Obama, any sitting president takes care of his own and his core constituency.

Bush created policies that benefited rich? you don't say. And what did Jimmy Carter do? And what has Barack Obama done? Before you answer that? Consider well your answer. And if your inclination is to respond that they benefited the poor? guess again. They did noting to benefit the poor.
Neither of them. What they did do was create policies that benefited their supporters and their supporters are the liberal elite and the dependent classes. On any measurable scale of history, the so called poor have suffered miserably under both Carter and Obama, but no one chooses to see that, particularly not the liberal media.

George Bush did and did not do a lot of things that I personally had problems with, but the allegation of creating the financial collapse and recession that followed is not one of them.

Review your history on Glass Steagall and see who was really responsible for removing all of the checks and balances from the American banking industry and Wall Street before George Bush ever took office. Look back and see who drove NAFTA through congress.

Look back and count the times during his administrations that George Bush plead with congress to rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, then look at the economy that George Bush was handed on the day after 9/11.

I am sorry, but all the bile and hubris that gets bantered about truly is wearing on those who actually paid attention to who was driving the bus when this country was being driven down the crapper.

The democrats were all for Bush signing the prescription drug benefit, then once signed, they immediately stabbed him in the back and declared that the bill was underfunded the minute that ink touched paper. They did the same on 'no child left behind' and a myriad of other go along to get along pieces of legislation that Bush went along with as an appeasement to the likes of Teddy Kennedy and the rest of the democrats. None of that matters now. It is all Bush's fault according to the loyal legions of brain dead zombies who inhabit the left.

I am sorry, but I lived through the Nixon Watergate era. I watched as the American media feasted on the corpse of Richard Nixon as they ran around endlessly patting themselves on the ass and giving each other awards for a job well done in bringing down a presidency. And they did this even in the face of the accusatory crooked fingers in congress who were up to their own asses in the milk fund scandal while they were serving up Nixon to scrutiny. But it's all good. Right? Good prevailed over evil right? Just like with Bill Clinton and his impeachable offenses that no one seems to either remember or care about.

Meanwhile, the present interloper in chief has another four years to drive this nation into the ground and the lofty American media has yet to cast a serious investigative glance at Bengazi or Fast & Furious and what this president has been allowed to get away with during his first four years.

Make no mistake, I have issues with George Bush. The man severely pissed me off on more than one occasion, but I never looked upon him as a traitor, nor did I ever doubt his sincerity of interest and concern for our military and their families. Nor did I ever since anything but a humbleness and respect for the office while he was in that chair.

I cannot same the same for the present occupant of the white house.

Romney didn't lose because he chose to align himself with Bush policy or any of the other tripe reasoning that the media and the punditry are offering. Romney lost because of two things, American media and labor unions and even Ron Paul had sense enough to realize and recognize that fact.

I wish the reality was something else, but it isn't. This country is past the tipping point now, so all we can do as we look into the face of death for America, is look back and smile. Our real very last chance was not now or with George Bush, our very last chance was with the decisions that have followed after Reagan.

Off my soap box now and thank you for listening.


Wow - did you notice that photo of BO and Mr. Bush? Talk about Humility vs. Pride! Stunning....
Prayer - we need it more than ever. And we must remember that God is in charge! I, too, thought Mr. Romney would win, too many indications, but the Devil was in the details, and working very hard to make sure BO got back in to finish his goal of bringing down this wonderful country.
God bless all of you dear people at Brutally Honest, a great website!

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