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Saturday, March 31, 2012


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Toure does an excellent job of challenging Piers on his interviewing of Zimmerman's brother. He also does an excellent job of highlighting the proverbial pink elephant in the room for anyone who is black. Toure was absolutely BRILLIANT! I do think it is difficult for non-black (i.e. white people) to acknowledge the blatant cracks in the criminal justice system where blacks are concerned. I support Toure for being passionate, yet, intelligent in his turn on Piers'show. It is clear, though, that (many) white people would like to believe in the myth of a colorblind America and close their eyes to the very real African American experience. Piers got OWNED by this man!


bamabrasleira -- I'm not sure if you even watched the video, but Toure looked foolish and very representative of the problem with the media in America today. Although Toure's assessment of the incident may well be correct, he is basing his opinion on emotions rather than facts. He projects that he doesn't need facts to know what happened. He and many others are acting like simple rookies in this age-old process, as if they haven't a clue about true justice. Trying and convicting a man in one's own head goes against everything American. Toure comes off as an obnoxious, bitter, loud mouth who has yet to reach professional maturity. His credibility could easily bottom out after this incident is settled.


"Toure was absolutely BRILLIANT! I do think it is difficult for non-black (i.e. white people) to acknowledge the blatant cracks in the criminal justice system where blacks are concerned.?"

I would ask: "what color is the sky in your world?" But that would be a rhetorical question now wouldn't it.

Toure owned Piers Morgan? Please......The man Toure made a fool of himself and the major error that Piers made was to ever have him on the program to begin with.

Of course, you are talking about one of the most weak minded entertainment hosts on cable, being given a soap box by one of the weakest cable networks in ratings et al. So I suppose dear Piers and CNN are trying to prop things up a bit by riding the coat tails of the most recent fabricated news reporting surrounding the Trayvon story..

Personally? I think Piers needs to be an embedded journalist with the local black panther brigade. That might actually provide grounds for a reason for more than two people to watch his drivel on any given night.


@CV1- He only comes of as obnoxious, bitter,etc. to people who are not black or those who are not accustomed to black people speaking truthfully.Also, inflammatory social commentary (for white people) is what Toure is known for. He was invited to give his opinion and he gave it BRILLIANTLY! He is simply speaking the truth that is in the hearts of many African Americans.

@Lucutisprime -Yeah, he pretty much did OWN Piers Morgan. You guys-girls are talking about the justice system, zimmermans rights, reporting,etc.,and you totally miss the point where Toure backs up his statements with the facts(the somewhat irrefutable evidence given in the 911 call). White people have been terrified of black people for years,and I know that it upsets many of them get in the face of a white man, voice an opinion that is unpopular amongst repressed white people,and OWN one of them on his own playing field. I think you should probably ask yourself 'what color is the sky in your world'.


Trial by "unofficial" jurors is childish.

That includes journalists, PRESIDENTS and the esteemed commentors before me.

Case closed.


@Toejam - case closed only for you. It's always good for people who have nothing meaningful to contribute to stand out of the way.Very selfless of you!


bamabrasileira -- With all due respect, Toure is jumping to a conclusion. He may well be right in his assessment, but his process is flawed. I don't mind any man speaking his mind, but outspoken men run the risk of tasting their own feet. Toure should patiently let the system run its course and, after a ruling, then voice his opinion. Not only would it deem him a true professional, it would be the right thing to do. He should not allow his bitterness to get the best of him.


@CV1 - Toure is not expressing bitterness - he is expressing passion about the subject at hand (although non-blacks often experience the unabashed honesty of black people as argumentative,aggressive,bitter,unprofessional, etc.)Also, again, Toure is a social commentator and is paid to give his opinion about what is going on in the world today. His passion has been ignited because the system ISN'T running it's course. Have you been sleeping during the unfolding of this debacle? This has gone far beyond the question of "well, he better not say anything because he COULD be wrong." White people would often like for black people to "watch their tone"when speaking about issues that are important to them. I applaud Toure for being so outspoken on this issue and running the risk of angering some (white people). Kudos to him!

Petri Bario

Lost all respect for Toure. Sounded like Sharpton and Jackson. Grow up and get professional !


3 cheers for Piers for not being cowed by the race card. And as for Toure, anyone who has to string together a bunch of 2 dollar words when the simple 10 cent synonym will do, is trying too hard to impress, all glitter and sparkle but little substance. It only impresses the ignorant.


@Anya - He isn't stringing together 2 cent words, nor is he playing a race card. He is simply an intelligent man speaking about the very real issue of race in this whole debate (the truth that white folks don't like to hear!)


@bamabrasileira- Toure is criticizing Piers for attempting to present all sides of the issue, as a journalist should. Does the mention of Tawana Brawley and Duke Lacrosse Team ring any bells for you. We've been led down this path before by the race card dealers and it's dangerous for all sides of the issue. The black community loses crediblity in their complaints of racism and fear and prejudice becomes more entrenched in the white community. Black folks don't like to hear that more white people are killed by blacks than blacks by white, not to mention that the biggest threat to blacks is other blacks, not the white man or the hispanic man. And why is Zimmerman called a white hispanic and Obama is simply called a black man?


bamabrasileira - yeah, I'm asleep as I watch things unfold. Yep, that's it! I am, in fact, watching the things unfold and it's becoming more and more obvious that Toure should have kept his mouth shut. To throw a trite phrase back at you, maybe you should "take your blinders off"!


@CV1j - No I think it is YOU who should take YOUR blinders off and acknowledge how deep this issue truly is (for anyone who isn't white). Seems that you want to be asleep as you watch things unfold, but the truth of the circumstances just won't let you.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Since it is truly rare that we get a glimpse of a commenter epitomizing the characterizations in a post title, I encourage our new visitor with the rhetorical flourish of drivel to please continue. Even to contribute some equally asinine thoughts on the numerous related posts that curiously has yet to receive any, much less equal, attention.

Especially given that they contain more important issues of the story than addressed here. Thus leaving the question of such nearsightedness to various conclusions, yet the obvious is most likely.

But given previous callow rebuttals, any and all opinions will no doubt be dismissed due to the ridiculous determination that the lack of skin pigmentation apparently disqualifies serious debate.

All the while the painfully glaring hypocrisy and irony in relationship to the original and more important, such as it is, story being completely missed.


@tim- I think you lost him at epitomizing.


@tim - Whether or not you would agree (especially if you are WHITE) skin pigmentation is a factor in this debate. Lack of skin pigmentation DOES disqualify you from the debate if you (due to your lack of pigmentation) are unable to detect nuance. The previous posts are of no interest to me, so I won't be commenting on them. But thanks for the invitation.


@Anya- Toure is criticizing Piers for not challenging Zimmerman during the interview, and he rightfully suggests that Piers is not educated enough about America's racial history to fully understand the potential damage done by a "reporter"who does not challenge questionable statements on a case with lot of question marks still hanging in the air. Do the names Emmett Till or Kenneth Chamberlain ring a bell to you. Tawana Brawley is an EXCEPTION to the rule. Emmett Till is not. Black folks are not overly concerned with who does the most killing in the world. They ARE concerned when a neighborhood watchman stalks a kid in a hoodie, is advised to stop following the kid but continues to do so, shoots the kid, only to discover that the possible gun is a bag of candy, AND doesn't go to jail for it. Remember to always compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges in intelligent debate.

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