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Friday, February 24, 2012


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

Freakin’ love the intelligent straight talk from Newt. Yeah, yeah I know he’s got baggage but the dude has VP written ALL over him.

Wish we could take the best of all the candidates and make one good one, kind of a Frankenstein president, if you will. Call him PaulGrichSantoRomney. Rolls right off the tongue.


This young lady's apology is SOOOOOO much better than our Dear Leader's. Really, it's worth watching. I promise! :D

Be sure and check the number of views (302, and it's been that for at least 20 minutes, and I know several people have viewed it during that time just from comments on my FB) as compared to the number of likes and dislikes (more than 1000 total). Wonder if Youtube is now "fixing" the view counts for conservative posts. ::sigh::


That's worth its own post...

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