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Friday, August 12, 2011


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Obama is playing to the polls, no different than Clinton use to. The big difference? Clinton was actually successful at it from time to time.

Obama won't be

What is amusing? Here is a man who has gone on record time and again expressing his disdain for middle America and their clinging to their bibles and their guns. He has continually set himself apart and now he suddenly wants us to believe that he is one of us and is actually listening to us?

Stand by Barry. You've got mail........


Not far enough outside.


So is this president arguing that for the last 2 1/2 years he's
been an outsider and not part of the political process? Did
he just admit that he's been disengaged from the whole
national political process since he was elected? I mean, he
has played more golf in 2009 than Pres. Bush played
in eight years, but this is ridiculous.

He was elected promising to be part of the solution. If he's not
part of the solution, then he's part of the problem.


Since he apparently wants to be an outsider now, America should give him what he wants. Get his sorry incompetent useless ass out of Washington in '12.


Apparently he is not to blame! Can't anyone see this? After all, he is one of us. I am from Illinois and he is just like me (not), but that is what he wants us to believe. The problem is, there will be many that will swallow what he is telling them. Those are the ones that believed him before. Some people never learn, do they!?!

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