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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


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What a ignorant fool. When obama gets back in she will have her socialist state.


Kinda makes you want to take up a collection don't it. Pass the hat and collect enough money to get this poor soul back to the land of her dreams.

A place where she can live on free land and drink free water from the watering holes that abound all across Africa. Kinda like the other animals do. right?

And while she is there, maybe she can do some more 'research' and determine what the hell happened to all that free ancient electricity. And maybe what it was used for.

Yep, people like these vote and the really sad part? The literally abound. There isn't a dimes worth of difference between her and thousands of others. The tens of thousands that voted for Obama because life isn't fair and they shouldn't have to work and they should be given everything they want by those worthless capitalist who exists solely to oppress more deserving people.

This woman needs to be sent back to Africa alright. that is precisely where she needs to be and besides, that is where she wants to be.




Indeed they do. It is incredibly sad, approaching the sadness one feels when considering the Shoah, what the Democrat party did to the blacks in America since they lost their slaves.

From firehoses and German Shepherds to intentional de-education and re-enslavement -- what was done (and is STILL BEING DONE) is, simply put, deserving of directed rage.

I have prayed recently that the blacks in America would be somehow woken up -- by God, through a person like Allen West; or a newly-awakened pop-star like Jay-Z, for that matter -- and that they would REDIRECT the rage they have for "whitey" and refocus it on DEMOCRAT WHITEY: those despicable humans for whom blacks are nothing but animals, and have ever been so, since the Democrats were the slaveowners, since they created the KKK (twice), and since they created every single "whites-only" lunch counter and drinking fountain in our history.

I pray someone wakes our black American population up, before it's too late, and they get used to commit atrocity like unto MAO, and then get destroyed themselves.

Communism never changes. It just gets more efficient each time, at the deception, and at the size of the mass graves, and at the time it takes to fill them.

Mrs. BH

I'm in for the donation...just let me know where to send the money. BUT...she can NEVER return to the USA... EVER again.


She is dumber than a box of rocks!

chuck aka xtnyoda


i mean ... this is a joke ... right?

she simply can not be serious?

tim aka The Godless Heathen

I'm with Chuck, thia HAS to be satire.

(Please tell me it's satire).

Berin Rassouid

this moron votes and is eligible to serve on juries. No wonder her legacy is universal failure.


Someone send her...please....a link to the writings/story of Eldridge Cleaver who actually did leave America for Africa and then hurried home when he discovered the Truth.


Great idea to send her away, but Africa already has enough problems without having to take her too. Perhaps she could go live with Obama ... I'm sure Michelle wouldn't mind.


Just your typical black feeling of entitlement.
Get the f##k out of this country and go live in Africa.You don't like to work for a living call your auntie moochelle she'll give you a place to stay with barry in the outhouse.This is whats destroying this country absolute ignorance and stupidity!!!

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