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Wednesday, June 08, 2011


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

“The next tattoo ought to be "Idiot"...”

Which is exactly what people will think when he explains the ink on his arm.


I'd like to see a follow up in twenty years.


Why oh Why people want to destroy their bodies like this. All I can think of, is that these people have no sense of God and knowing what He has created is beautiful. Whenever I see a Mother and/or GRANDMOTHER covered in this ugliness, my heart goes out to their children and grandchildren! Is this leading to the real MARK of the BEAST?


That Social Tattoo is the most inane tattoo I've ever seen. I think sleeves (where the entire arm is tattooed) are ugly in general, but that one is just plain stupid. What will he do when he decides to "unfriend" one or another of his Facebook friends? Will he have their pics removed from his arm (a very painful process I understand)? Will there be video of that too?

That said, tattoos can indeed be ugly (not to mention stupid), but all are not. Some are quite pretty, some are very meaningful for their wearers. I think suggesting that tattoos may be "leading to the real MARK of the BEAST" is a tad extreme. I assure you my eternal salvation has not been affected in any way whatsoever by the two inch dolphin on my own ankle.

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