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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

What Chris Mathews is actually saying is that anyone who likes SarahCuda is “stupid“. He can’t articulate an intelligent rebuttal in regards to anyone disagreeing with his opinion, so he merely falls back on the easiest, lazy and childish attack tactic. Just slightly above the ever famous third grade “poopy head”.

At this pace, sometime @ December of ‘12 Mr. Mathews will be mumbling incoherently in a rubber room while smartly wearing a jacket with very long sleeves, getting regularly scheduled doses of very strong psychoactive drugs and complaining about tingles in his legs.

All the while Mrs. Palin is running the Dept. of Energy and drilling everywhere there might be even an ounce of oil lurking.

As far as Ron Reagan Jr., was there ever a paternity test done?

Morgan K Freeberg

If someone's really stupid and you point out how stupid they are, there isn't applause. People don't applaud sad things.

It's a sign of genuine desperation when there's a social activity built around saying someone's stupid. That's a sure indication that someone else has pinned some hopes on an altered outcome, and they can't rely on anybody just coming to the desired conclusion on their own.

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