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Monday, April 25, 2011


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Rising racial awareness? Is that what they are calling it now? Seriously?

I blogged on this incident the day it happened in Baltimore. Citing the Live Link report and their video. I even linked the youtube video of the incident to my blog, then mysteriously, within hours, Live Link had redacted their earlier assessment of the beating as a racially motivated attack and completely removed all references to the race of the perpetrators and the victim. And just as suddenly, youtube removed the video from their site, citing their desire not to promote violence yada, yada, yada.....

So, an incident that had clear racial overtones? Suddenly was some curious almost comical manifestation of cultural caricature of a Jerry Springer episode, absent any racial connections or overtones whatsoever.

Then just as suddenly, 48 hours later? When it was determined that the victim wasn't simply some poor lost white girl who had suffered some bizarre misadventure, but was rather a 'transgendered male?"

Well Katy bar the door! Suddenly? We got ourselves a full blown "HATE CRIME!"

Amazing how quickly things can turn in media isn't it. And here we are pooh poohing whether incidents such as these are indicative of some form of increased 'racial awareness?' Puleese!

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