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Sunday, March 20, 2011


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There was a time when comedians were actually funny. I guess since the left took over this form of expression the demand for quality of craft has gone down.

Just like in every other institution they got their mitts on

Morgan K Freeberg

It's worse than a diminished standards, it's opposite-land. Palin's had reporters flying in from New York to prowl through her garbage dumpster for how long? Moving in next door to spy on her, hacking into her e-mail illegally. When all's said & done they had to fake up something as innocuous as a bikini picture. Couldn't even find the genuine article of that. Todd alone knows what her belly button looks like.

So that's a "slut," huh. And yet is this an exercise of elevating the bar on decency and virtue? Doesn't look like it to me; Maher certainly wouldn't say so.

Nope. They're just inventing their own reality.

On behalf of those living on Earth Prime, let me just say: If I had a daughter I could only hope she'd be that much of a slut.

chuck aka xtnyoda

Tod must be receiving a great deal of grace.

The peps are terrified of this lady. It becomes sort of fun seeing them thrash around in their terror.

I think Bill is sort of revealing some wishful thinking here.

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