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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


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He is interesting, with several excellent books. He does believe that America should stop fooling around and just admit it is an empire and get on with ruling, which would be in his mind a Good Thing.


Here! Here! That went 'damn well now didn't it!

Ferguson knows what happened and why. The ditz on Morning Joe is clueless. as they all seem to be in the MSM.

Meanwhile the fires are beginning to burn in Bahrain and other countries. I wonder how the genius will respond to those.

chuck aka xtnyoda

The "Brotherhood" is roughly comparable to the old KKK in the US.

Wonder how our "progressives" would like it to see the KKK officially on our ballots? Moving into positions of creating national law by their ideology ... you know ... like lynchings and the like ... with the power to implement their laws?


I'm torn between frustration at the idiocy of the blonde anchorbabe who thinks that Obama had any control whatsoever over what went down in Egypt, and admiration at Ferguson's keen grasp of reality. He's far too astute for MSNBC.


Someone spoke the truth on MSNBC. It will be his last time on that show.


The post by Random Thoughts says it perfectly. Nothing more needs to be said.

Morgan K Freeberg

The ditz on Morning Joe is clueless.

You got that right. There's a saying that if your argument is non-falsifiable, it cannot prove anything because it isn't saying anything. I notice every single positive assessment of Obama's handling of some situation is non-falsifiable the same way the Egypt thing is, "Gee, that turned out relatively well when all's said & done, didn't it?" There is ALWAYS a worse scenario. So there's no connection existing, or mentioned, or established, between shrewd Obama planning/acting and these beneficent results...just...well, it could've been much worse, and it turned out okay under His watch...

Drives me crazy. There's no standard for performance there! None! "Birther Zero" could go golfing morning noon & night throughout the entire thing, and when it's done, no matter the outcome you could plausibly argue it could've gone worse.

In fact I'd go even further: By this empty standard, you could argue Donald Rumsfeld is a military genius because 4,000 troops died instead of 8,000 or 20,000. Except -- that would actually make some measure of sense.

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