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Tuesday, January 04, 2011


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Yeah, it seems he got put on someone's naughty list. It does stink... all around.

The irony that struck me as I watched Diane Sawyer acting shocked, SHOCKED by the videos... No one who works in TV is allowed to be shocked by moral decay, no one.


Rick very rarely do I disagree with you, but on this one, (with the exception of the awareness that this is based upon the recent repeal of DADT and that it is an attack on the military) you missed by a mile.

There was/is no poor judgment involved. The man was engaged in a an activity specifically aimed at boosting the moral of his personnel.

It's called leadership, something these pansy supporting leftist have no concept of.

Mary Ellen/Nunly

I'm not sure what to think of this. I agree, his relief of duty does smack of PC gone mad. However, I think the videos should never have been shown in the first place and he should have been at least reprimanded for the poor decision and given the chance to take his lumps and move on with his career.

If I recall, a few years back there was a lot of news about women in the Navy, on ships, that were being targeted sexually and their superiors looked the other way. This is why sexually charged videos on a ship that houses men and women should not be only invites, in my opinion, bad behavior.

I know..I typed that and I sounded like a real nun or something, but it's what I believe.

He made some bad choices,but unless he went ahead and did it again after being reprimanded, the punishment should not have been so severe.


As I posted on another blog, if this had happened in a business he would have been fired, quickly. His commanding officer should be reprimanded too. So what if it was in the Navy, he did wrong. Period.

Random Thoughts

You can't equate the military with corporate Amercia; they are two different worlds. I'm with Locutisprime on this issue. As the daughter and mother of military officers, I'm well aware of the sort of humor deployed to keep warriors sane, and I doubt the average person unfamiliar with the military is going to understand the purpose and value of such humor. I've watched Capt. Honors compliation video, and honestly, far worse (and far less humorous) stuff appears nightly on television touted as "comedy." It's flat out wrong that Honors is losing his entire career over this, and it's so clearly driven by the repeal of DADT and someone's desire to make a vivid politically correct example of an outstanding officer. God help our military if this is what the future holds.


"Navy's oldest nuclear-powered submarine"

No, it is an aircraft carrier - correctly stated in the first paragraph.....


The submarine reference comes from the excerpted piece... giving evidence to the cluelessness of the journalist.


I am a conservative maybe to a fault...

I guess, according to all I have read the last few days(from sources all over the net) since this story broke...."unless you are in the military you will not understand". And you are correct, I do not understand. I have watched the videos and I do not find them either "humorous" or understand how they are considered "morale boosting." Many parts of them I found rather disgusting.

I suspect that I will hear defenses of Honors relying on sailor mentality and his need to bond with the crew and bridge the gap between officers and crew. This just does not hold up to a “you need me on that wall” moment . How does Captain Honors producing these type videos show leadership, that is lost on me. I think humor, morale boosting videos could have been made without dropping the F bomb every other word and without sexual acts being mimicked through out the videos.

So many folks regularly talk about the decay of values and morals in this country and its negative impact on the very fiber of this country. And so many times it is attributed to the "liberal left" and "progressives" but yet these same people are defending these videos as not only being "okay" but necessary in order to boost the morale of our military. Really? Is that what it takes to boost morale with our men and women in uniform?

In the end the Captain will be fine. Maybe Honors can create a new career on the comedy club circuit or become the latest act on comedy central. Or maybe a news outlet will hire him as a military affairs "expert." After all these same folks who make a living screaming for "family values" , accountability, honor and integrity will be the first to offer him a job.

He crossed the line IMO and should have been disciplined when this all came to light years ago. The only sad part is that now it comes at a time when it is being used under political correctness. Saying that it still IMO does not make what he did "okay" or "honorable" either then or now.

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