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Monday, January 03, 2011


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The damage has been done, the damage is being done and the damage will continue being done. It took eight years of Reagan to reverse the idiocy of the moron Carter. How long to reverse Obama's treachery?

I say at least twice that long. Problem is, we don't have four terms to rectify what this interloping enemy of America has accomplished.

$4 a gallon will look good by the time the man is finished.


very very LAME article

until we get away from being so oil dependant we'll forever complain about gas.

I said it's not the president's fault (past nor present) but the auto manufactures faults.

Why are they still building majority oil dependant vehicles?

Tom Flake

Hey Sick,

It appears that you failed to read the article. What part of the article be exclusively about development of domestic sources of oil, explcitly so that we could reduce America's dependence on foreign oil did you miss?

The reason we are still building oil dependent vehicles is because NO ONE has developed an energy storage medium that is as cost effective and energy dense as petroleum. Once that is accomplished the switch will be easy. Until that is accomplished, why would anyone switch? You can build artificial constraints into the economy (cap and trade) but if you do that and your competitors don't all you've done is given your competitors (China, Russia, India) a structural competitive advantage with regard to energy input costs. Why would anyone who is sanely trying to create jobs (in America) do that?

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