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Sunday, May 30, 2010


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"And they call this hope and change"...

Well for them, Rick, is sure is. They love what they're doing to us.

This is their hope and their change. He never did specify the contents, did he?

Obama is the issue of an African Muslim father who hated America and a Leftist Socialist momma who hated us, too. IOW, his disdain for those he "serves" is bred in the bone.

He got the change he'd been hoping for and wherever Momma and Daddy are, they sure are proud.


It is a very good step which Obama has taken.It will help us see the history in a different light about America and its role in the War.


I think it is correct for the US Administration to distance itself from the increasingly Rogue State nation of Israel. Not because of anything anti-semite, just because the way the ultra-radical government behaves.

Yesterday I have written an item on the subject in my blog Blootstellen. It explains my views.

One has to have the right to critical and expect the same in return, right?

Donny vdH

Andrew smith


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