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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

So iPods leads to misinformation, Tony the Tiger leads to obesity, Tea Partiers peacefully assembling are dangerous, the Bush deficit was bad but great if it’s four times higher under Obama, GITMO must be closed unless it stays open, we will leave Iraq unless we’ll stay, lobbyists are bad unless I hire them, 5% unemployment is a recession but 10% is the road to recovery, returning war vets are security threats, terrorists can’t be called terrorists and when an act of terror happens we claim within 10 minutes it wasn’t terror and then erroneously blame people of the other political party…down is up, right is wrong, a bow is not a bow, I know was is good for you since your too stupid to know better…

Half of America still approves of this crap!?! I’m afraid of what it would take for those folks to finally get feed up too.

chuck aka xtnyoda

What Tim said.


When you have half of the people not paying any taxes and yet able to vote to give themselves more benefits, you have crossed into the twilight zone where only liberal thought has power.

We have a choice and that is to vote democrats out of office permanently every place they crawl out from under a rock with there evil plans for our country.

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