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Wednesday, April 07, 2010


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In todays culture, we get so fooled as to what true riches are . Your Mother was a remarkable woman. I wonder if it would take hard times again to develop character like your Mother exhibited . Thanks for sharing this , I'd like to print it out .




A wonderful story. I've used it myself in sermons. Rich and poor are mental states. Lots of wealthy people are poor. It makes them stingy. Personally, I'm still learning to be rich.

chuck aka xtnyoda


Posting it.

Jacob Klinger

Great post! Thanks!


Sounds like the minister of their little church was not a very good one, and that the writer and her family were much better Christians than he, let alone the rest of his congregation. Thanks for sharing.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

A story and lesson even this heathen can learn from.


Thank all of you for your positive responses to this. I monitored your responses on my Blackberry all day at work and was extremely proud of everyone's comments.

Even the heathen was positive on this one. :-)

Thank all of you again.


This story is beautiful and it reminds me of a few of the words in the hymn "The Prayer of St. Francis"; '...for it is in giving that we receive.....'

Patti Day

A day late perhaps, but I believe every word of this. My mother was one of eight children who grew up during the depression. The family lost their house when my grandfather couldn't get work. Sounds like today, doesn't it. My Mom told me how they once gathered up every piece of burnable wood they could find to keep the fireplace going, including my grandmother's harp that had been her mother's in Ireland. Still Mom remembers putting coins in the 'poor box' at the back of the church for those that were less fortunate.


Well, duh.

Sorry, but they should have figured it out when they got their own seventy dollars back--and the rest of the congregation was only able to scrape together seventeen dollars total.

Just think what the congregation could have done for the missionary speaker if every family had done what this family had originally done to raise the money.


Jo, I loved this story! Thank you for sharing it!

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