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Saturday, April 17, 2010


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This kind of high-handed behavior is not new. They act as though they're doing *you* a favor when in reality it's a shared benefit.

Pajamas Media gave us the same kind of shove out the door. Ours was because we used the word "genocide" in a DESCRIPTIVE (not a normative) essay on what might befall Europe at its present rate of massive immigration.

Obviously, p.c. language rules the blogosphere. There are words you may not use, ideas you may not discuss (even in theorhetical terms) or you will find yourself booted, without explanation.

The blogosphere is just a mini-me MSM, Rick. They claim to be different, but they're not. Buncha sheep, in reality. I think it's because the real motivation is to be 'acceptable'. Yet their shunning policies are every bit as narrow-minded as those they claim to hold in contempt in the MSM.

This Infolinks sounds like an amateur operation. Maybe they left their integrity at the door when they started their business.

Hope you find another place. This one isn't professional or they'd have emailed or phoned you and explained in detail, proving their allegations.

In fact, they may have hurt your business rep and it might behoove you to ask an attny for a free consult. Couldn't hurt and it might help other bloggers.

I realize that's a lot to do, but the injustice...btw, I read recently that they think the notion of justice is hard-wired into the human brain. Makes sense.

Good luck on this, whatever you decide to do.


The thought police at work again my friend. Get use to it. As long as you operate in any atmosphere beholding to the dollar, this is what happens.

Rick Adams

People have had similar problems with Adsense. If people click through TOO MUCH from the same IP, or you click on your own links, your account will likely be suspended.

I'm actually afraid to use Adsense on my most popular site, as I have users there that wouldn't be able to resist "helping" me by clicking the links like drunken sailors, resulting in instant bannage.

Of course, when this happens, all revenue that might have been due you goes byebye. Heh heh.


Rick, I still have the little green double underline links in my browser. If I click on a bunch of them will infolinks then be accused of fraud? or will they keep getting paid while you don't?



Just added the update that explains it.



Ah least you got the response now that you should have gotten to begin with.

If they accuse you without presenting their information, that's got to be illegal, not to mention tacky and high-handed. Is there a Better Business Bureau for cyberspace businesses?

It would behoove you to be most assertive in this matter. YOU are the one who has been wronged here, and the implication from their first email still stands: fraudulent activity on *your* account, i.e., you are to blame.

I hope you can get some fair play here.


To add to Dymphna's remark about the BBB, there are lots of vendor websites that have that logo, so I would click on there and add a complaint.

I'm not exactly sure what's going on here, but it doesn't sound good.

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