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Friday, March 26, 2010


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Go back and read rules for radicals or's all in there.

The first thing they do is to establish the parameters, then they begin carving their square peg ideology to fit their round hole desired perceptions.

And instantly? Everyone who opposes them on any level is some form of a 'hater.'

And seeing as they have already been successful with replacing freedom of speech with supposed hate speech laws in many instances? How long do you think (at this rate) it will take them before they succeed in having Christianity declared a religion of hate and expressing Christianity as a faith a crime.

Don't think so? They are already at work on doing just that with the teaching of Christianity as an intolerant and hate filled practice against homosexuals.

So yes, was there violence and bigotry and hatred and racism this week in Washington? Sure there was. Just look at the accusations and the media that is hustling them. And forget about seeking truth or proof. Neither is necessary to these people. The fact that they accused is sufficient in their minds and in the minds of the media.


My son, from the millenial generation, told us recently that conservatives of any stripe are "turtling up" because of the level of incivility.

When someone finds out he is a conservative, the reaction is, "but I don't understand. You're so smart. What went wrong?" He's been hearing that since he was six.

I'm hoping it's an age thing for the others. I was a kamikaze liberal in my youth. What changed me was seeing the economic consequences of pitying people instead of respecting them enough to think they ought to get up and do something. And to quit doing other somethings, like drugs and making babies.

If our government is going to put people on the dole, it ought to require they refrain from drug use. Fat chance.

Having been a social worker, I don't understand how any social worker or teacher could possibly be a liberal. Selective blindness, perhaps.

OTOH, I realize that "journalists" have to be liberals. They sell fear and loathing because those two emotions make people buy their drug. If conservatism and common sense ever prevailed, there'd be far fewer "journalists" around. They'd have to get real jobs.

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