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Wednesday, February 03, 2010


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I gotta wonder if these old birds are all "women's choice"-y cuz their pissed their grandkids don't call or something...kinda mad that they ever HAD kids in the first place, granny seems to me!

chuck aka xtnyoda

I do kind of like the title of the video on it's screen... "Raging Grannies RIP..."


Check out granny to the right of the "Peas" aproned crone...the first time she says "sh*t" she looks like a 5 year old sneaking her first cuss word! And does her husband know she's ruined his good hat by putting that button on it? What..she couldn't spring for a gardening bonnet like the rest of 'em? Or is she making some type of sexual-identity statement here?


Can anyone please transcribe the lyrics? Can't tell what CBS won't accept... Thanks.

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