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Monday, February 22, 2010


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GM Roper

Outstanding Rick, just outstanding!



Jonathan York

All poor comparisons; not very clever ones, either. Also, what do you mean by save the gays? Or save the Muslims? If the whole crux of the statement is that people care about mere trees and not unborn fetuses, and unborn fetuses are in fact worth saving far more than trees, then it follows that you are saying that gay people and Muslim people are less than fetuses that are aborted. Which, really, undermines your whole Right to Life stance, doesn't it. Your outrage has made you myopic.


Not "less", Jonathan, simply "as much as".


[Following comment cleaned up a tad by me... *Rick]
GAY can be seen as mirror by your f**king face which indicating your negative characteristic and negative attitude you have against Muslim. So Islam doesnt permit child abortion but an individual like you can with your aborted religious believe can talk nonesense. Atleast if you cannt make yourself Muslim, then try to be honest for yourself and dont decieve others as devil do so.
take care of your f**king mouth and save your girls and women from prostitution and look after your son and brothers who become homeosexual becuase your democracy and 100% freedom which even cann't control being as partent, with whom your daughter sleep and with whom your teenaged son make homosexual.

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