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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

I had forgotten just how lovely Hillary’s voice was when she becomes impassionate, like two cats fighting.



Is that a new word? Seems so. Spell check doesn't recognize it.

And on top of everything else? Now Hillary Clinton has come out today and said that our battles over domestic politics are hurting us abroad.

Didn't seem to bother them for the eight years the spent attacking Bush and the republicans.

chuck aka xtnyoda

Dang... Joe got it right! I knew it had to have happened at some time... and now I've seen it.

Morgan K Freeberg

Those (they calls 'em "founders," I calls 'em "Founding Fathers") were really a bunch of dolts with the written word. Listen to all these history lessons about what "the founders intended." Then crack open the Constitution and read it, Articles I through VII, Amendments I through X.

This filibuster is oh so important to proper governing, but nobody thought of mentioning it. Sheesh! And they call it a "perfect document." No wonder Obama's defecating on it every day.

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