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Thursday, January 28, 2010


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

“I forgot he was Black…”

First of all,WTF does that even mean and secondly if you have to say something like that it’s not really true.

One year in and Chris is still talking about race…but he’s not focused on race…noooooooo……

BTW, Obama’s mother was white right? Why is that always just easily forgotten? O is half White, can the idiots at MSNBC, who like to preach to us all about pots-racial this and post racial that, just drop the whole race card crap already and talk about something important. Do they even look at their ratings?


How does anyone live in the manure heap that must be his mind?


I almost forgot Chris was an idiot. Thanks for reminding me.

Tom Baynham

and once again, you all have proven why the Dems are in the WH, and you morons waste your time writing this shit!! Matthews has a great deal of passion and intelligience for his profession; thank God we don't have right "wing nuts" like you folks in power



Oh, that's so funny, Tom!!!!!



Best. Laugh. Of. The. Day.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

"thank God we don't have right "wing nuts" like you folks in power"

Stick around Tom, it's only a matter of time.

Oh, love the name calling, it makes your arguement stronger.

Chris Vehr

" all have proven why the Dems are in the WH, and you morons waste your time writing this shit!!" Tom 1/28/10 4:17PM

What you and yours are helping us do is effectively eliminate the left wing cancer that has temporarily inflicted this great nation. Chris Matthews, Rachel Madcow, and Keith Olbermann are perhaps the best weapons we right "wing nuts" have to boost us and ours back into power. Obama's color had nothing to do with the State of the Union addrss last night, yet Matthews persists on making it an issue. And the other two are impressed with his racist slant.

How can you defend this? How?

It's no wonder the trio's ratings are so horrible.


Oh folks... there's more... Tom is a pastor...

Yea... a religious leftist... doing his ilk proud here...

Thanks for stopping by Tom...


One more thing... Tom is one who calls people who disagree with Obama racists... yea, no kiddin'...

And Matthews here gets a pass...

What's that tell ya?


That's were I seen Tom - The Burger King Church were everyone has it there way. No rules, no morals, no judgement, no sin and every white person is a racist. Now, my wife is "black" and she is 100% conservative and Roman Catholic. You know God,Family,Country,Bible reading,gun carrying -NORMAL PERSON!


I think the "tingle" just became a post-orgasmic shudder! Somebody needs to clean up under the MSNBC desk!


And furthermore the AFLAC duck called it first when he noticed Obama and said he's HALF-BLACK.......right? Oh, Tom seems your post should be turned back towards you
what a moron waste indeed


Tom's a pastor?!

Wonder if he'd like his posting above, cussing and all, plastered in his church bulletin?


I forgot he was white.

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