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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


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Immunity from searches does not put them out of range. Furthermore, I see this driving a wedge into domestic police forces, forcing them to take sides, sheep or goats. Because if police forces are breaking down doors, accompanied by Interpol or not, knowing the former might be among the latter, or vice versa, will not matter to the armed citizen behind the doors. This is very very bad juju.


There is more than a nose in the tent friends. you are witnessing the systematic dismantling of freedoms in America.


I agree this is dangerous and very bad news for freedom in the US, but it has nothing to do with the right/left politics we have been taught and encouraged to believe in. There are far more powerful people than Obama controlling the game from behind the scenes. What they want is for us to argue the usual politics among ourselves, one side blaming the other, knowing we are COMPLETELY missing the point. Think about it people, life is no longer the way it appears! If you can believe Obama is selling out America, is it so hard to believe McCain would not have done the same? Why?


Mark... I'm liking you buddy. I hear questions and those funny little things always lead to knowledge (and more questions of course, but knowledge none the less). Just be careful, there are people who will whole heartedly believe you are a coconspirator of the liberal camp for simply questioning the bigger picture and not zooming in on the daily d*** measuring contest.

You sound rational and quite frankly I have been coming across folks who get downright angry when you don’t share in the panic. Stepping back and asking yourself what is really going on is by far one of the most intelligent things a person can do right about now. I may not agree with you on the puppet strings but at least we are both taking it all in.

To find the opposite of rational thinking and questioning click on the "Obama and his friends preach tolerance.." and read the reactions to my comments about not freaking out all the damn time.

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