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Monday, December 21, 2009


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Wow. This story needs to be spread like wildfire online, because it won't be in the media.


Could this be true?

It answers a question or two.

Barbara A. Clem

There is no choice now. If anyone is so blind that they can't see what is being done to this country by Obama and his thugs, then they're just out of time. When the second crash comes mid 2010 they will make their move to take over the United States of America. We must prepare our hearts and minds for a battle unless we want to wind up a third world dictatorship.

Stanford Reagan

"they will make their move to take over the United States of America"?

Delusional nut case...


No, not delusional. I don't know about 2010, but the stage is being set to destroy us, and unless we the people wake up and say, Hell NO!!, kiss the USA good-bye.

Lynn Wright

Any thing we can do>, We must do> now!


Now that INTERPOL guys can thumb their noses at American laws, how do I get a job there? I can think of a lot of laws I'd like to thumb my nose at. The plans I'm formulating are top secret, of course.

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