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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

But....Napolitano said the system worked?


Hey, you there! Under the bus! Move over!


Everyone remain calm. We will simply engage in more high tech cost ineffective security methods that continue to allow us to ignore and deny the real problems, while chasing our tails and wondering why no one likes us.


A close friend of mine works as a TSA agent. Every time I see him I always want to hear about the latest, craziest thing he has come across. Some passengers are not only perverted but outright obvious in their illegal actions. The problem is that as a TSA agent he must remain politically correct at all times. He cannot call a duck a duck without fearing for his job so the screening is very shallow and ineffective in all but the most obvious of cases such as knives, swords, gasoline cans, etc. I agree with the post, it is our mentality that keeps us safe. We are a sheepish culture with too many politically correct barriers. Millions of bullets, not a single trigger.

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