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Saturday, November 07, 2009


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chuck aka xtnyoda

The only way to accurately measure raw intelligence is by the power to make or create analogy.

Great analogy!


An excellent commentary, thank you for the unique perspective.


Awesome stuff Mommynator... awesome stuff... thanks for posting...


Great rant, I could not agree more. Reminds me of the time I began to believe in God. I was taking a simple medical course and starting to delve into the body. The course work was easy the hard part was getting off of the computer once a disease, symptom, etc. held my interest.

I fell in love with trauma and philosophy simultaneously. To think that we somehow walked out a puddle all by ourselves was from then on beyond me. I still don't buy the seven days theory but I did touch God in my life and in my sense through studying the intricacies of the body.

Anyhow, you talked about homeostasis and as soon as I read that the word shock came to mind. I first remember going into shock at the age of about thirteen. Since I have gone in shock about half a dozen times while deployed.

I never thought about homeostasis and shock as it applies to our minds, cultures, morals, etc. If there is a norm than there must be an extreme as well. I have an entirely new perspective to work into my corner of thinking.

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