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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


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Dan Gill

I'd have to say she's right about the separation between firearms and the trans-gender homecoming queen. The connection never made much sense to me, either.


She's tired of war? Is she serious?

Our soldiers are tired of war. They're tired of a stupid administration (probably loved and adored by this person) who won't give them the equipment or rules of engagement to go in and get the job done so they can come home.

I'm sure they're tired of being shot at without being able to retaliate the way they should because their opponents are too cowardly to come out and fight like men.

How about realizing that sometimes war is a necessary evil and giving our military the equipment and permission to do their job so it can end?

Can't take the heat your commentary generates? Either deal with it or shut up about it. Censoring only reflects badly on you - what kind of mature adult human being is that thin skinned?

I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone.


Well we can rest assured that she will never face a crisis of conscience over her views, since any dissenting voice will be summarily silenced! Talk about being closed minded!

I'd have to say she's right about the separation between firearms and the trans-gender homecoming queen. The connection never made much sense to me, either.


Here you have a woman who decries men/boys acting like men/boys... and I juxtaposed that with a dude who as man sees himself as a woman...

You don't see any logical connection?

Maybe I need the word logic defined.

Morgan K Freeberg

I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone.

Wow...great minds...I was wondering if you read my last two paragraphs before you typed that.

Anyone living in a free society getting sick of war -- makes just about as much sense as someone living in a large city getting sick of pulling over for emergency vehicles and fire trucks. Or a really super-staunch conservative Republican getting sick of knowing people are on welfare. Dude..they happen. Y'over it yet?

Stephen J.

Getting *sick* of something isn't the same as arguing it should be practically extirpated, or has no value or right to exist. I'm sick of all the hoopla about Gay Pride parades; I do not advocate for a second that they should be outlawed by any government.

(That, by the way, is what tolerance really means: It's putting up with what you dislike because you've acknowledged that eliminating it entails more evil than allowing it.)

It may be that that is all Sonja meant. Yes, getting miserable over inevitabilities is usually pointless. But being human, and not a computer, means that it sometimes takes more time for your emotional reactions to adapt to reality than is convenient.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Maybe she shouldn't blog, Stephen, if she can't handle people taking exception to her ramblings.

Unless she just wants to throw out mindless train of thoughts...and expects no one to read them...or respond...

Dan Gill

Rick, it just seemed like a stretch to me. I know where you're coming from, but it's kind of a mashup from my point of view. You obviously think differently (or you wouldn't have posted it in the first place).

It's not an argument, just an expression of opinion.



Unlike Sonja, I welcome opinions... unlike Sonja, I allow opposing perspectives... unlike Sonja, I'm open to the idea that my juxtaposition made little sense or that I didn't articulate it well...

You see, I cling to the traditional definition of tolerance... not the revised one used by liberals, especially Religious liberals...

Bottom line, I might've made things clearer... but I do find it most interesting that my presumption (Sonja would be ok with a man wanting to be a woman but would find issues with men being men) has been proven true over at her place... she admits it...

And it's that kind of logic I find to be... illogical...

Stephen J.

"Maybe she shouldn't blog... if she can't handle people taking exception to her ramblings."

Can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen? Yeah, there's some truth to that -- but it strikes me Rick and Morgan are the ones who came into *her* kitchen and turned up the heat, just because they didn't like what they overheard when passing by the open door. So maybe a little objection isn't out of line.

It just seems to me that "I'm tired of something and wish it wasn't so" does NOT have to be automatically assumed to equal "And therefore perhaps all I need to do is wish hard enough and it WON'T be so." Nor does "I don't want to talk about that in this personal space" necessarily entail "I'd rather live my whole life pretending it doesn't exist, la la la."

Was a time that telling a stranger they were being foolish and stupid, just because they blew off some steam about their personal exasperation with the flaws of the world, was considered tactless and rude, no matter how justified the correction might be felt to be. Some situations certainly do justify dispensing with tact. I just don't think this can be called one of them.

Sonja's blog, Sonja's opinions, Sonja's rules -- sounds perfectly fair to me. Most blogs I read go by that principle, and it has nothing to do with being thin-skinned.


I think the analogy breaks down Steven...

A blog, as I see it, is a way people shout out their window at the rest of the world... and oh by the way, I do mean the world, and not just your neighborhood... a blog that allows comments is an ivitation to that world to come into the home to discuss what all the shouting was about...

And rudeness is a hammer picked up by the left to to shut down opposition... go back now and read Sonja's replies to some who are leaving comments... do you have a problem with her rudeness? If so, I applaud your consistency... if not, why not?

Morgan K Freeberg


I think it's laudable you're making the effort to be open-minded about what she might have meant. But let's face facts, you're giving her way too much credit. She obviously thinks of war as a cultural thing, like hip-hop, women baring their midriffs, a European bistro atmosphere at a coffee shop...some folks hate it and some folks "love" it.

She meant to convey the message that she does not, repeat not, see war as...a job that needs to be done. She claims to have all these family entanglements to all the wars the country's been in going clear back to the Revolution, and yet her comments reveal her ignorance of the plain fact that sometimes, like war or not, it's just gonna have to happen. Like arresting bad guys for armed robbery, or taking out trash. She doesn't recognize the necessity, and by implication she's saying everyone who engages in it must be acting out of some personal blood-lust.

To me, this is so offensive as to be entered into some kind of record book. But that's the benefit of arguing your feelings instead of your thoughts. From the very first rant of Sonja's, to this announcement about her dog at the very end, it was all about what Sonja found offensive. This is how we tend to put ideas into effect that everyone...everyone...knows don't make any sense at all, whatsoever.

And I find that even more offensive.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Very well said Morgan, as usual.


I may be late to the party, but I noticed today that Sonja shut down the cooments on this post, but left the comments on the next post (about the reasons behind her change in commenting policy..virtually the same topic) open. Not sayin' she couldn't handle the heat, but.....

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