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Friday, July 31, 2009


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Bob Sykes

Crowely and Gates are interacting as normal, civilized and civil human beings, whatever their differencs, but Obama's indifference to Gates immediate need and his arrogance are all too plainly on view. What a hateful man.


American Thinker has a great commentary on this photo. Wow, what a POS is our POTUS. This should be everywhere so as to be seen by as many Americans as possible.


Aside from the obvious (Crowley helping Gates and President Obama seeming to be walking away and either obvlivious or indifferent), there is something else I noticed. In the picture with President Bush all three men are appropriately addressed for a public appearance and/or press conference. In the photo with President Obama, Gates and Crowley are appropriately dressed for such, President Obama...not so much. I know he likes to present that "hard-working everyman" image, but...I don't know...I just find is lack of jacket and rolled up sleeves...sloppy? distasteful? disrespectful? all of the above?


Seriously people, these comparisons to the most incompetent man to ever hold the office of President and our current President are ludicrous. Trying to interpret images, and compare the intent behind the actions and appearance is insane. If you people reached any more to find reasons to hate, you'd pull your arms out of socket. He's really in a no win with many of you guys. If he had been the one to help gates, some of you would likely have interpreted his behavior as obviously favoring the black man. The truth is that he is friends with Gates, far from hateful in this situation.


ally, even working men get dressed up when it's appropriate. My husband may "only" be a welder/fabricator, but he has one good suit for those occasions that require it, and the respect for those occasions.


Hey Dan - that "most incompetent man to ever be president" had an average 5% unemployment rate during his presidency, and gave us quarter after quarter of economic growth.

Your man, on the other hand? Flailing. Unqualified for the job.

brutally honest visitor

This site is filled with right wing idiots! :)


Would you care to elaborate?

Or is it your policy to stink up this place with your brain farts and run?

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