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Saturday, June 27, 2009


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An excellently written piece and absolutely correct in perspective IMO. Well worth reading the entire article.

chuck aka XtnYoda

CO2 a declared pollutant.

My eighth grade science teacher must have been really dumb cuz she told us that trees and green stuff breathed in CO2 like we breath in oxygen, then exhaled oxygen so we could breath it to give the trees more CO2.

Funny how what science sez is good one day... it sez is a pollutant the next?


Exactly, chuck.

If we want this world to be greener, we'd encourage CO2 "pollution".


Wow, this piece so thoroughly echos my own thoughts on those holding the reins in this world.

Dan Gill

All too true, but what can we DO about it?! I continue to vote, to write letters and e-mails, and still the idiots are in power.

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