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Thursday, April 16, 2009


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The poor things are so used to the silent majority being silent. Now that they woke us up, they are trying to neuter us with fear tactics. It won't work and I think they know it and it's making them more afraid.

Unlike the many protests I've seen from the lefties, with police having to be out in force, often forced to restrain unacceptable behavior...yesterday... at our tea party, I saw only one policeman, one in a crowd of over 1,500 protesters. He was walking around decked out in his formal attire, smiling and enjoying visiting with his neighbors. I also saw lots of veterans, proudly sporting symbols of service. I really expected some trouble makers but now that I think about it, they would have been mighty stupid to show up in that crowd.

Nothing to fear, unless you fear people who are law abiding citizens, real patriots and heros.

And now it's 2017, and the common refrain is, "Your side lost. Stop crying already."

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