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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


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Mrs. BH is a wise woman, something those harpies will never attain.

That finger lashing Baba Wawa gave the guy just set back true feminism by about 1000 years.

Dan Gill

The media adulation of Obama and the castigation of Palin is incredibly obvious. It is malpractice and a stain upon our history.

Then again, the media hatred of G.W. Bush was also obvious and a stain upon our history. Insanity reigns in the media.

chuck aka xtnyoda

I'm really kind of disappointed!

I just knew Bab's was going to tell us about some other woman's husband she had bedded down...


"Baba! You ignorant slut!"

Morgan K Freeberg

Don't take this the wrong way, m'friend, but I'm in love with your wife. :-)

Not so much an "enemy of my enemy" type thing, but there's something about a gal who just calls 'em like she sees 'em.


i think i got a headache after watching this clip... HOW ANYONE CAN WATCH THIS PROGRAM OVER THE PRICE IS RIGHT IS BEYOND ME (both shows air at the same time in NY)...caddy hens over happy people?!!!


I'm watching this idiotic show for the first time. Some woman is just gushing over Obama and Michele and how wonderful they are and she won't quit. I could just puke. Is that all this show is? A bunch of cackling hens pushing the liberal agenda over and over again?

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