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Sunday, February 22, 2009


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So does this mean......the honeymoon is over? LOL!!!!

What the hell do these people expect? Loyalty from the socialists for having conspired to place them in charge?

As My daddy would have said...."wish in one hand and piss in the other and see which gets full first."

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Gibbs is certainly overly defensive in speaking for a bunch of people who are so convinced they are doing the right thing. I wonder why that is…

These folks haven’t learned that getting into pissing matches with the press is a no win situation? Freakin’ amateurs.

William  Mileo

Robert Gibbs should think carfully before deciding to personally take on a member of the 4th estate, especially one who is not present. How can he expect to have the respect of the American Public as the spokesperson for the POTUS? Does he think that responding to a public outcry regarding presedential policy with a condesending tone bordering on contempt will enhance his effectiveness as a White house Press Secretary?
As for Rick Santelli, more power to him.


I've linked to your post as a resource from BlogWatch TeaParty


Him and Chuckie Schumer with the arrogance.

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