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Saturday, February 21, 2009


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

I’m not concerned about other country’s respect per se as most countries do not have the moral high ground on us.

But I do worry about our society degenerating into some Sodom & Gomorra like existence where anything goes and there is nothing between right and wrong. Personally, I could care what this young man does in private, and that’s the key, private. There seems to have been a shift in our society that everything and anything needs to be brought out in public and even celebrated, as you say.

For instance, gay marriage, I could care less about homosexuals, do what you want with whom you want, but just don’t try and tell me that it’s all ‘normal’, that it’s the same as a woman and a man. Well, last time a checked homosexual sex couldn’t conceive a child so…you may have a problem convincing me that it’s normal. Don’t get me wrong, again I don’t care and also I don’t believe in discriminating against homosexuals for instance. They are human beings and deserve to be treated like anyone would be, but… without going on and on… their lifestyle is not something that should be celebrated or encouraged.

This particular situation is nothing more than sticking it in the eye of polite society, if you will. This young man and the people who voted for him are simply trying to grab attention for their agenda, to say ‘See, we’re cool and the epitome of diverse ‘cause we voted for a cross dresser’. When in actuality they are doing nothing more than being silly and rudely spitting in the eye of tradition, which use to be the domain of high schooler’s but as our society forever keeps putting of growing up…

Just keep this in mind Locutisprime, the recruiting goals of our military in this time of war, keep being meet and even exceeded. While the ten percenters always ruin it for everyone else there is still a different ten percent, if not smaller, that keeps showing up and doing us all proud.


Tim, I tend to agree with your synopsis. At least as far as the homosexuality issue is concerned. As for the rest of the world and how they view us?

Well that bothers me. And it bothers me because I have lived through and remember the revered position that America once held on the world stage.

And our slipping image has been fading ever since Vietnam IMO. When we shamed our people and our nation by trading supposed honor and dignity for peace with an adversary that respected neither honor or dignity.

There were lessons to be learned in our failure of Vietnam and our adversaries both learned and practiced them well in the forty odd years since then. I only wish that we as a nation had also learned from it.

Our enemies see the debauchery and the corrosion of moral values that led to our defeat then and now. And they see the evidence daily of the disease of multiculturalism and socialist diversity and how it is a consuming cancer that takes over and kills all that it touches.

When it comes to the heathen masses that seek to destroy us? I too could care less of their attention or afflictions. But when I see former friends and allies turning their backsides to us, more so due to our own inability to command respect than anything else, then I am ashamed.

We have brought these curses upon ourselves IMO.

Morgan K Freeberg


If we were a unisex society, we wouldn't have built nuthin'. There would've been no point to any of it.

Our enemies, living in the seventh century, are acutely aware of this. Also, living in the seventh century, they are acutely aware of the damage to a society that can be wrought with this gender-bending. You don't need to stone a woman to death for having been raped, or fly a plane into a building full of people, to appreciate that gender-bending is offense to God as well as to civilization.

It's become a Manhattan-blue-blood meme that religion is an oppositional force with respect to technology, progress, and something called "science." In truth, if you could go back in time by a million years and somehow ensure mankind was never to be religious in any way, and never respected any kind of difference between man and woman, upon arriving back at the here-and-now you'd find us still living in caves or shacks, eating raw meat.

You doubt me? Work in an office full of men and no women. See how much real work gets done.


This oft-repeated crock that "religious" people are all for stifling science and technology is just that - a crock. Granted, there are some people who think everything is a sign of the antichrist, but they wouldn't know how to add 2 and 2 together to save their lives in the first place. I have one of those in my class.

I'm currently sitting in a human anatomy and physiology class, and in spite of the mistaken parts of Darwinism that are repeated as gospel truth, am overawed at the attention to detail God put into just one CELL, let alone a whole body. Just for me to type this means that billions of chemical and electrical processes at the cellular level are enacted and damn rapidly.

Men and women have spent good parts of their lives teasing out the secrets of cellular function and structure and they're not done yet.

This has enabled many medical and other marvels to be released upon this world, some of more questionable ethics than others, but that's the sticky wicket, so to speak.

Religious people aren't arguing so much about the mechanics (except for certain parts of Darwinism), but about the application.

My old 8th grade teacher used to say that anything could be used for good or evil. A hammer can build a house but it can also smash a skull. And so it is with science.

tim, you made many many good points about homosexuality. People for some reason or another delude themselves that this is what they are and what they should do, and spend a lifetime in some dense fog trying to keep their consciences down. That is their choice.

But they shouldn't be calling anyone else names for saying they've deluded themselves and are on the road to destruction which includes the whole person, not just the physical. Or that their behavior is destructive to society as a whole when taken public, pushing children who spend their adolescences confused (because their parents wouldn't know a moral or ethic if it slapped them upside the head) and vulnerable, who likely with a little guidance would grow up to be normal males and females.

And therein lies the opportunity for idiots like those murdering islamic fanatics. Deep down inside, everyone wants the structure even if they crash against it.

It was no joke, then that in the old testament, God said Israel would be defeated more by the presence of sin in their camp than by their military strength.

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