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Sunday, October 19, 2008


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I think you may be correct - in fact, I'm sure of it.

I've been talking to otherwise sane and logical people who are gung ho to vote this idiot into office and they cannot give any really good reasons. It's like they've been staring at the sun too long and are now blind to the fact that they're about to pitch off a cliff.

I refuse to listen to that jackass, although his debate performance totally turned me off even more if that's possible.


I guess I'm not easily manipulated or easily hypnotized because I don't get the attraction at all. Obama is a major turn-off for me. Maybe his hidden hypnosis has the opposite effect on me ~ I really almost feel physically ill listening to him, I feel nauseated by him, so maybe that's why I never fell under the spell, I have to turn him off before I vomit.
Also, I heard that intellectuals are more easily manipulated for some reason, and thank God, for once I'm happy not to be one of the smart ones!


One thing that's interesting about that write-up (out of many interesting points) is the suggestion that you combat hypnosis with critical thinking.

And how this act is actively not taught in schools.

So then whether or not Barack Obama has spent any time in hypnotist classes (and it wouldn't surprise me to find out he did) what speaks even more powerfully is our willingness as a nation to give up the one tool that empowers us to stand.

Critical thinking.

So that we may take every thought captive rather than being taken captive by every thought.



Jim Ryan

Eileen: I guess I'm not easily manipulated or easily hypnotized because I don't get the attraction at all. Obama is a major turn-off for me.

You took the words right out of my mouth. People who are not susceptible to manipulation by the cult-of-personality fascist such as Obama, people who are hyper-aware of what there heart and conscience really tells them, will find his presence and speech repulsive and odious.

I can't listen to him. When I hear him come on the radio I turn it off.

Nor do I hate him. That's part of being immune to his schtick, too.

As mentioned by Mommynator, logic and critical thinking aren't enough. You have to have a sure grasp on your heart and conscience. You have to know how to snip the bonds between your mind and the manipulator. This is not a matter of logic.


And who is the author of this revealing tome?


For those of you who have read the document (I have), you may find the video of Obama sneezing during his conversation with a reporter very interesting.

Deconstruct this (with the sound off), and one might think perhaps he is instructing the reporter to erase whatever is on the paper?


Nowitall has it right. The author has kept himself anonymous. Draw your own conclusions about that.

However, suppose the author has some valid points (he does).

The US is a nation of tele-programmed sheep which needs to be hypnotized sane. Who better to do it?

Have you seen this document?

I saw a poll that said that 70% of people who read this amazing document decided not to vote for Obama.

You can find it by Googling for "An Examination of Obama's Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches."


People have to find out about this. Please encourage the media to cover this.


I've been asked who wrote the PDF paper and couldn't provide an answer. Are the author(s) psychiatrists, hypnotists, psychologists, etc. I guess were I to know who and what, I would have more information to give my friends.


In discussing things with my mother, she reminded me (it had slipped my mind) that my father - if you wish to read about him, read the article here "Love Lifted Me" - who was in the Greek naval intelligence division and fought both nazis and communists in Europe, said the same thing.

He would watch Castro, Kruschev, old newsreels of Hitler and Mussolini and others, and point out the speech patterns and rhythms, the rising mass hysteria and the fact that goosestepping was designed to keep those soldiers from thinking by causing physical discomfort.

One of the problems I have with contemporary "worship" music is that it uses some of the same things to induce so-called spiritual states when it does nothing of the sort.

I could go on, but that would only turn into an article.


People that talk well must be evil. Every post here, every comment, is a new low. Let's assume people are evil, then invent wild speculation to support it. Even Leslie. I'm very saddened.


Umm: "mono y mono" means "monkey and monkey". Could it be that's what you meant?


Actually, it's mano y mano for man-to-man.

And Zossima, just because you say we're evil doesn't mean it's true, considering the way you mishandle facts and truth.


This has been an interesting experience. I wrote this piece what? Not quite ten days ago now? And the feedback and commentary has been both interesting and curious to say the least.

I noted a couple of days ago, having watched a sudden influx of comments to my remarks, that the story and the published piece on Brutally Honest in particular, seems to have been picked up by at least two or three other blog sites nationally.

Some of which have comments in the several hundreds on their blogs. Comments to both what I had to say and as it concerns the original PDF publication of the revelations concerning Obama's mind altering techniques.

I believe that one of the main things that is really pissing off a lot of people concerning this PDF file and the assertions of Obama's hypnotic effect on the weak minded? Is that there isn't an immediately identified author for them to attack.

Personally, I could care less who wrote it or who contributed to it. As a conservative and a life long defender of this nation and what it represents? I believe that I am at the least equally entitled to the non sequitur assertions (as used by the left) that all written pronouncements must not necessarily bear witness to their author/s identity.

So sit and spin. Or sit and spit. Or piss in one hand and wish in the other for all I care. What has been represented is both a valid intellectual representation and a valid academic argument of examination of one Barack Obama and his word smithery and the techniques at play and afoot by the sinister and dark forces of American socialism.

And unless and until the bast*rd gets elected and removes my right of free speech via some imposed socialist caveat, combined with a deranged use of a police state power against me? I will continue to call them as I see them and give a complete "I can give damn less" rendition, of what the blinded lemmings of the socialist left have to think about what I say or comment on.

Linda Little

I have studied the information and believe it to be true. As I watched the behavior of this man, even with the sound down, it was evident that he is a snake. No Way! Do I want him as president? Not in this life time.


It has to be true. I am a conservative with no views in common with him, yet I found myself drawn to him because of how he comes across. I found myself starting to think I wanted to vote for him but couldn't tell you why. After a while I snapped out of it, but it really was like "spell". I'm not a crackpot; I've never experienced anything like it and I can't explain it.

So, hypnosis can be fought with critical thinking. That explains alot as I have yet to meet a Liberal capable of it.


I am amazed by the feedback that this piece has achieved here Rick. you definitely have a following And it's having apparently been picked up by at least a few other blogs nationally seems to have helped it along some too.

It certainly has taken on a life beyond anything else that I have ever commented on before. And I imagine? That if Barack Obama wins this election next Tuesday? There will be many more people revisiting it as time passes.

Possibly even the scholarly researchers of the future, searching for the Rosetta Stone of the Obama mystique in years to come.

Meanwhile though....the country will still become screwed up six ways to Sunday and we will all rue the day that the interloper was allowed to shove his shoes underneath the resolute desk if he succeeds.


He has the same effect on me. I cannot stand to listen to his voice. It almost feels like it hurts and it does make me nauseous as well. It is interesting that he makes some mesmerised with him and others are made physically ill. Why the difference I wonder?


tim aka The Godless Heathen

"Why the difference I wonder?"

Intelligence ;)


Those of us who believe in a world beyond this also think it's a spiritual thing.


I live in Georgia and my state was solidly in McCain's camp last night as the votes were tallied.
I went into town today to do my walking and then to go by the barbershop to get a haircut. And let me just say that the reactions and conversations were neither unexpected or approving of the new president elect.

My barber (a young woman in her very early 30's) came by the shop on her off day and literally looked physically ill when I saw her enter. I asked her if she felt alright and she spun and looked me square in the eye and told me directly, that she literally felt sick to her stomach over this election. And she did so while visibly holding her stomach. "What the hell were these people thinking!"

And among the men....there were several who found the largest amount of blame for this political tragedy with one George W. Bush. Combined with the fact of whom "we" had supposedly chosen to represent the republican party this go round.

As I explained to several of the gentlemen present, I have more than a few bones to pick with President Bush and his handling of foreign and domestic affairs over the past three years in particular has led significantly to what we witnessed at the polls yesterday IMO too.

But a large portion of the blame for this loss rests on the square reality that John McCain never was the candidate of the people of the party in my belief. Or the belief of many others that I have talked to over the past six months for that matter. He may have been the darling of the newly arrived grand old party of moderate change? But many party loyalist saw hues and stripes on this particular dog that we never liked or agreed with from the beginning.

Problem was, his succeeding in the passage of his bill (McCain Feingold) left us with nothing other than a media propelled candidacy for, for who they (the media) wanted the GOP candidate to be. And the rest as they say is history. The party faithful were left out of the equation from day one, and they and the party know it.

Therefore, we are left now at the complete mercy of a liberal socialist party that is more inspired to prove itself and it's newly invigorated socialist roots and more determined to wipe the scourge of George W. Bush from the collective memory of this land, than they are to concern themselves about the slippery slope that they have willingly sought to place the future of this country on.

In an old southern adage of perspective? We are in a fine pickle and there isn't a damn thing we can do but ride this mule to town and hope like hell there is better stock for the trading when we get there.

But somehow I see this as one long an arduous journey and I am not sure that it is one that we will all survive.


I have been more discouraged over the ravaging of Bush and McCain at the hands of conservatives than of the liberals. I expect it from their enemies.

But here are two decent men with whom the conservatives held their noses high in the air because they were not "pure" enough. Don't blame McCain completely. Put some blame on you ultrapurists who can't get it through your heads that:

1. You didn't put up a strong enough candidate that would win the hearts of the right side of the aisle. You just focused on how icky all the candidates were.

2. You forgot that we were electing a president, not a messiah or savior. Sometimes you just have to go with the decent man or woman.

3. You all forgot that real people were going to suffer for the ultrapurism and destruction you helped to sow onto this country.

You need to remember that for 2012. You will not get a perfect candidate. You will not have a pure candidate. You just have to have one that's a decent human being who, even if you disagree with them, you can vote in knowing they love their country.

I'm embarassed at how President Bush has been treated by the right, and McCain as well. He was decent. He's a patriot. He would have been a great gateway candidate for Sarah Palin.

Now we are stuck with Obama. I too am sick over this.

Let's not throw all the blame on McCain, Bush and the lefties. You guys get a share of it too.


Mommynator while I can understand your sentiments, I can't agree with them. I supported and voted for George Bush twice and I didn't hold my nose either time. However, in my opinion something changed after his reelection. A quantum shift occurred IMO.

It was almost as if he became so tunnel vision obsessed with his pursuit of prosecuting the war in Iraq, that he lost sight of everything else important to this nation in general and his party in particular. Not to mention his blind allegiance to a four year failed policy in Iraq, before the quantum sea change and the surge.

And from the point and perspective of Iraq forward, he was bounced from pillar to post by the opposition and many times by his own inertia, never gaining traction or measurable success on any level of his policies or attempts to lead the nation.

Certainly he tried to raise the warning about the coming economic collapse, but he never did anything directly to stop it. He never vetoed the first spending bill until one came along after the 2006 democrat coup of both houses, that threatened funding for the war.

There was a lot of talk on both sides of the isle this year about bridges to nowhere? But who signed pork ladened bills by the fist full and never blinked. And whose party was right there in the middle of it and spending like drunken democrats every inch of the way.

Who tried to tell us that selling off the control of our sea ports to a foreign third party cartel of Arabs was "in our best interest?" And then turned around and turned a deaf ear to America when it came to the hoards of illegal Mexicans crossing our borders daily? And whose plan was it to create a supposed path to citizenship for illegal criminals? Bush and McCain that's who.

Personally? I have never doubted George Bush's sincerity, faith or character, but I have double doubted his ability to identify problems and concerns of everyday Americans and then to address them as they should have been addressed. And I know that I am not alone in that feeling, as evidenced by this election Tuesday. We didn't lose the presidency simply because republicans didn't support the candidate and vote for him, we lost because those in the middle between the two parties decided to side with the other guy because his pitch and persona were far more impressive.

And as it concerns McCain, his inability to recognize the prescient issues of this campaign and address them head on and with more than his dog eared one liners about Ms. Congeniality and measuring of drapes and making people famous et al, was what was his down fall and failure to close the deal IMO. People were looking for leadership and substance and what John McCain delivered more times than not, was rhetoric.

On September 29th when the markets first entered their mega tailspin after the Freddie and Fannie fiasco? That was the time John McCain should have taken the bull by the horns. But all he did was come up with the lame ploy of suspending his campaign to seek solutions that he never pursued and ultimately did absolutely nothing about. Then turning with the rest of the senate in Washington and supporting the bailout with an additional 150 billion in senate added pork?

That made for those folks in the middle to really sit up and take notice IMO. They had to exhale a collective WTF over that one, as I know for sure as hell that I did.

As it stands, I voted for John McCain not because I either support his rogue political mentality of republicanism or his ability to lead this nation effectively. I supported him and voted for him, because the alternative was just too terrible to even consider.

And now because of the republican party failures of maintaining the legacy given them by Ronald Reagan and added to by Newt Gingrich's contract with America, the republicans have reaped the wind that they have conjured up and brought forth by their own hand in my belief.

Problem is? All of us are stuck with their end result and it will be four years of hell before we have another opportunity at changing it.

Now that it is after the fact, and the electi: a Scripture to add "If you do not receive the love of the truth, I will send a strong delusion. Jesus. There you have it folks, a nation under strong delusion Obama


come on ya redneck nazis.. are you really this stupid?


Redneck Nazi's? Ever heard of "Godwin's Law?"

I thought not.


you all suck

You Need An Editor

To be brutally honest: Your use of punctuation is appalling. You use question marks in place of commas. You have questions with no question marks.

I find it very difficult to read your writing because the punctuation is very bad. Please ask an English teacher to explain to you how to use question marks in particular.

I don't wish to offend you with this message. I simply want to point out that your use of punctuation is awful.


02 04 09

You are right. All successful politicians are hypnotists.


I teach a hypnosis for childbirth class... and this is the main reason people are so afraid of hypnosis. i honestly do not like obama. i did not nor will i in the future ever vote for him. i'm not a fan of socialist agendas... however. i hate to break it to you.

Hypnosis is a natural state. It’s that deeply relaxed place between sleep and awake. We all experience hypnosis every time we go to sleep and every time we wake up. We experience hypnosis when we watch TV or a movie, drive a car, do repetitive tasks, or daydream. We are awake and aware of what’s happening around us–we just tune it out because we’re focused on something else.

When we’re in a hypnotic state we are still in control of our mind and will. We cannot be forced to do anything we don’t want to do. If someone suggested that we reveal confidential information or act in a way that goes against our personal moral standards we would come out of hypnosis.

We cannot get “stuck” in hypnosis because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis–we are always in complete control of our thoughts and actions. We cannot be hypnotized if we don’t want to be. We aren’t in a strange trance or “another realm”. We are simply in that natural, deeply relaxed state that we all go through every day.

Because hypnosis is a natural state–one that we’ve all experienced every day of our lives–it’s easy! Anyone who wants to be hypnotized can be.

no one can control you without your own permission.

hypnosis is not a loss of self control.

all hypnosis is self hypnosis.

Hahaha. I almost feel like the author is playing a joke on us and actually using all of the Deception tricks to coerce us into buying into his thesis. Notice how many times he says that Obama is being hypnotic and deceptive before he even shows any evidence of it. He just hammers the idea in our head about 100 times, and by the time we get to the actual evidence, we are more receptive to it because we're used to hearing that Obama is deceptive.

It's the same way Obama does it - he just makes unsubstantiated claims that he is bringing Hope and Change, when he hasn't done anything. He just hammers is into your head early on.

Fun stuff!


he is definitely hypnotizing america, the elections are a total farce, as mccain didn't stand a chance at gaining the presidency. along with every other american president obama is a mason, and is pushing this new world order agenda. it's all in the handshake. don't fall for the swine flu vaccination hoax, it's a method for the mass extermination of billions of human beings. read it on and spread the world...we are in deep shit.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Holy crap, the New World Order folks are now infecting us with their presence.

This post is like the Energizer Bunny...and going...and going...

Richie Cahill

Wow, you guys are really losing your minds.

Paul Howard

Obama is no different from any other high level speaker they are viewed as someone in authority and that in itself set people listening to be more susceptible to his suggestions.


I started researching the fact that BHO was using Hypnotic suggestion when I was in East Texas yesterday and heard 1 minute Radio spot that appeared to not be an advertisement and no sponsor was listed. I found this post through several searches and can not agree with you more on this subject.
The Radio spot I heard was on a Dance station and included the hooks of many very popular songs with the voice over of BHO only saying things like "The future is going to be bright" and other hypnotic comments as talked about above.
I have also come in contact with a friend who is certified to use a system called "The Body Code" which is healing system that accesses a persons subconscious to determine certain pains and issues in the body then helps clear or determine those imbalances from your body. One of the problems I discovered in my own body which was causing digestive issues was a "hypnotic suggestion" I later have uncovered other "Hypnotic suggestions" that have caused other imbalances in my body.
The comment that I read from many that say they feel sick and nauseated when they hear BHO speak makes total sense to me as I have the same issue. I have only listened to the man speak 1 time and since then have avoided at all cost to hear anything else he speaks of. No doubt his hypnotic suggestions have caused imbalances in my body as it has others here.
When I heard this radio spot I used the kinesiology testing method taught in "the body code" and accesses my subconscious and discovered that I in-fact had just heard a "hypnotic suggestion" My subconscious told me that I had occurred and imbalance and I immediately cleared it from my body.

I have no association with Bradley Nelson and have only learned about "the Body code" through my friend and the free information available online" I have merely seen it work to relieve pain and other issues from my body when conventional medicine would not work. Hypnotic suggestions are something that the medical community would never think could cause someone back pain or digestive issues.
Thank you for this post even though it was 4 years ago. You have reaffirmed exactly what I has thought.


Regarding the lady above who stated that she uses Hypnosis for Birth:
Your type of hypnosis is self-hypnosis which is completely different than what is being talked about here.
And not all Hypnosis is self-Hypnosis. There are many studies that have shown that people can be hypnotized and coheresed into killing someone and not even remember anything hours later.
Please do more research into this before you claim that this is a joke. The TV ads, movies and shows you watch, the music you listen to from the 60's to the present as well as even walking into wal-mart all have some sort of hypnotic suggestions and or subliminal messaging.
It reminds me of the movie "They Live" anyone ever seen it?

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