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Saturday, October 25, 2008


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You know, far from being a "regular joe", Joe the plumber is kind of a loser. Rick, you might want to put this guy to bed. He's not winning any votes.

I tell ya what, though, wrt to taxes, I'll go along with any plan you guys propose as long as you have a real solution for dealing with the deficit. Kinda funny thing you might want to take your head out of your kiester to notice: $11 trillion in US federal gov't debt is largely due to the tax and economic policies of Reagan and two Bushes. Clinton balanced the budget and brought prosperity. I'm just sayin'...

Morgan K Freeberg

Great point, Zossima.

So if spreading the wealth around will bring down this public debt you want to discuss (as opposed to the subject at hand), how come nobody's been able to make it work that way?

You're so smart and you make things so simple. This should be an easy question for you.


That cartoon and Rick's commentary are perfect.

Christians - at least those who say they are - should remember that Jesus only offered hope and salvation. He expected people to get up off their fat and lazy asses to receive and work it out. That meant going out to work and giving, sharing one's means wisely, and discouraging begging by providing for people who really really REALLY could not do for themselves.

What a distortion of true Christian charity obama and his minions have made of this whole thing.

Then again, Obama is still looking for his Daddy to come back and take care of him like he should have instead of abandoning him to his whacky mother.


Huh, lessee, the simple mind asks for a simple answer. Well, under Clinton, taxes were increased. And under Clinton, we had economic prosperity and a balanced budget. Under Reagan, Bush the elder, and Bush the doofus, taxes were decreased, deficits soared, and we are now on the brink of economic ruin. Just sayin'...

And I love when Mom lectures us on christian charity. "Sell all you have and give to the poor". "Love your enemy as yourself." "Turn the other cheek". You might want to read Jesus before you pretend to be a christian. You are a christianista, but no christian. If you people are christians, I'll take Jews, Muslims, atheists, and Buddhists any day.

Morgan K Freeberg

Bzzzt! WRONG! Sorry, try again. When Clinton came to office, the public debt held by our government was somewhere around 4.1 to 4.2 trillion. When he left it was up around 5.7 trillion.

So back to my question. When did it work?

Morgan K Freeberg

I'm gonna go link this right now. YOU brought up the public debt. When I called you on your crap, YOU switched off to the annual budget surplus/deficit...which is a completely different statistic.

I don't even give a rat's behind whether you know that or not, Zossima. I don't care. Maybe you're trying to snooker people, or maybe you're just reciting talking points. But Rick's blog is not Oprah; that kind of used-food is not gonna fly around here.

The fact remains, that Obama is addressing a problem with a solution we've tried many, many, MANY times, in the history of the country and in the history of the world. It has not yet worked. Not once. And there's absolutely no reason whatsoever to think this'll be the first time it does. Just say it to yourself a few times and you can hear how stupid it is.

"I'm going to jump start the economy by making thing artificially expensive...I'm going to jump start the economy by making thing artificially expensive...I'm going to jump start the economy by making thing artificially expensive..."


Here's what I believe you're looking for Morgan... proving Zossima to be what we all know...

A farce.


She must've sat on a tack somewhere out there because she's all over this blog today. Hmmm, maybe they are afraid they're losing and they're all so desperate.

Morgan K Freeberg

Put it together a couple hours ago. Anything to make sure a few more souls out there can see what an intelligent, evolved being the Z-man is.

On the cartoon, Rick, seriously man, you've gotta give everyone else a chance to come up with the good stuff once in awhile. My place is starting to look like a Brutally Honest echo chamber. Maybe I should elect someone who will forcefully take half your good material away, and distribute it among the lazy bloggers so everyone can have a chance. ;-)


Zossima, I'm going to put you on my prayer list, you are worth more than any election, I hope you know that. Blessings to you my fellow American. I am continuing to pray that McCain wins, too. I am praying God gives us another chance to do it right. I don't believe Obama offers us that chance and I don't trust him based on his history and lack thereof. It's plain to see he's hiding many things. Why a large number of people are ignoring these questions is a mystery to me? The nation, even if it's just half of us asking, deserves those answers and Obama isn't giving them.

I've been supporting the Republican party since I was twelve when I worked the phones and served icecream in the town square. It wasn't a red county but there were a few things I couldn't ignore about the other party. I spoke out against abortion in my teens at the national mock youth government rally every year, even had someone from Washington offer me a job. That job offer scared me to death. I kinda regret not being up to the challenge.

I've seen the corruption in government and in the corporate world, too. I worked for an international company on a state contract. I tried to do what was right despite the tsunami of others working against me. I wasn't always able to get them to do what was right. Having said that, I do believe Bush tried to do what was right because of what I can see and know about him. I'm also sure he had a tsunami or two working against him.

God will allow whom He sees fit to be elected, whether to bless or to curse this nation of ours. Not all of Christiandom thinks the way I do. Flame away and call me names but I'm already toasted, thank you. And yes, I do think we have many sins that need attention, one being abortion, that would cause God to remove his blessings on us. I'm not sure how many chances we get.

God is longsuffering and we are a young country but we are in a country where everyone has a voice. That means we carry part of the responsibility of what this nation does, right or wrong. How many voices have to be found and have enough of us been using our voices, and our votes, to make a difference? The majority of our nations doesn't even bother to vote.

Based on what I've examined, and many of those questions have been posted on this blog, I don't think Obama is the right choice. Regardless of who wins, we are going to need to be friends, not enemies, to see us through what comes next. Love, not hate, is what we need to be spreading around. Love conquers all. Somewhere I saw a comparison of what McCain and Palin gave as charitable contributions and what Obama and Biden gave. It was interesting.

God loves you Zossima and so do I.

Cylar of my only comforts right now is knowing that God cannot be voted off His throne, and neither can His Will be vetoed by any act of Congress or the President. Fact is, He's a lot bigger than any politician or government.

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