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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

We’ve all seen this type of guys; they agitate, denigrate, disrespect and plainly just get under your nerves with “innocent” remarks. They have no balls to say anything to your face and if they do it’s in code or disguised so that they can claim “that’s not what I meant, lighten up, don’t be so sensitive”, etc.

At work they’ll kiss the bosses ass and have the slacker punks in the room thinking he so cool. They’ll take credit for your idea while denying it even belonged to you in the first place.

At home they’ll pretend that they’re your best friend while trying to steal your girlfriend or sleep with your wife. For you in the “know”, they are the quintessential “Jodi Boys”.

They’re smooth talkers who have learned in life that they can get what they want while being “suave” and flashing their pearly whites. They are able to talk a good game but when the rhetoric is broken down by the unimpressed it’s all a shell game with all style and no substance.

People easily impressed by such behavior, the shallow, ignorant and the easily fooled, saddle up to him, defend him and want to around him.

In the end, they lose. Either by being exposed for who they are or by failing at the very thing they try so hard to achieve. Since they don’t have the skills, qualities and or character to hold on to what they achieved under false pretenses.

You see Obama, I’ve seen your type hundreds of times and I suspect, no I know, I’m not alone. You may be fooling enough of the gullible now, but I know, we know, hell you know, it won’t last long.


And to the jackass trying to impersonate me, grow up, crawl out of the pit your wallowing in, hose off, get your act together you pathetic piece of dung.



I deleted the arsehole's post... more scum, aimed at my wife of all people... class act this Desperate Preacher... class act...

Morgan K Freeberg

The Blog That Nobody Reads is seeing a debate between myself and our mutual friend Buck down in New Mexico, who has some passions about the question of possibly lowering the level of discourse on the right-wing side to the whale-dirt level so regularly wallowed within by our lefties.

A debate, I would further add, that would not even be taking place had Obama selected Hillary as a running mate, and then McCain made such a comment about his opposition. (Forget elections, that would be a career-ender right there.)

I point this out because perspective is always valuable when it's uncertain exactly what happened, and the possibility does exist that Obama might have had relatively innocent intentions here -- I'm just not buyin' it. But I don't fault Buck. He wants, more than anything, for Obama to go away and NOT be our next Commander In Chief, and with two sons serving who can blame him? So his objective is noble, his passion is sincere, and his comments are well worth reading. And hey, he could very well be right.

It's an interesting debate. One well worth having. And it does the conservative side no discredit, I maintain, to engage in it, for it highlights the fact that the liberals have no reason to engage in such a mirror-image-opposite debate. It's not so frequently necessary to question exactly what was meant when a Republican did or said such-and-such a thing. And when it does become necessary, liberals don't inspect and they don't debate. They get their minds made up toot-sweet, and they don't question their own conclusions, the way I question mine about Obama here. And yeah, I'm talking about the Larry Craig thing, along with a bunch of other things too. For "nuanced" thinkers they are remarkably uncurious, and I'm looking forward to seeing that pointed out & proven a whole bunch of times between now and election day.

Do head on over. The Blog That Nobody Reads is not interested in traffic, but we are interested in ideas, and the ones that have emerged here, on both sides, are good 'uns. That having been said, I'm on Gerard's side. The Chosen One is guilty as all holy hell. Or that's what my money says, anyway.

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