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Saturday, September 13, 2008


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Sarah Palin's answers to Mr. Gibson's interview enabled me to have confidence in the McCain/Palin administration. Thank you :)

Morgan K Freeberg

Yeah, it's especially obvious why the "exact words" thing was edited out. It's quite plain and simply an untrue statement. It would call into question anything Charlie ever said, had it all not already been called into question.


Morgan, one of your observation skills is wasting his time here.

you know unedited bullshit is still bullshit.

you quoted weasel Rick on your blogariah and he never even acknowledged you.

hang some place productive.


Morgan, one of your observation skills is wasting his time here.

you know unedited bullshit is still bullshit.

you quoted weasel Rick on your blogariah and he never even acknowledged you.

hang some place productive.


This story is complete bullsh*t.

I Tivo'd all parts of the interview from World News Tonight, Nightline and 20/20.

All the parts that were supposedly edited out were broadcast as in the transcript.

Morgan K Freeberg

you quoted weasel Rick on your blogariah and he never even acknowledged you. hang some place productive.

Yeah, listen "blogariah" is The Blog That Nobody Reads. So Rick is one of my peeps, whether he acknowledges me or not. He's quoted me many a time without me acknowledging him.

So go troll someplace productive.

John Watts

Are you kidding, this makes her sound even worse. I'm a republican, but after this, I have to vote for Obama even though I don't think much of him. I can't understand why McCain didn't choose someone reasonable. He's a great man, but he made a dumb-ass choice.


And we should believe you're a Republican why?

Obviously, you've had the lobotomy and drunk the koolaid of the Messiah.

Ain't no way you have an R after your name.

And next time, you might want to expand upon your criticism. That's another clue that you, sir, are no Republican - just another liberal troll trying to rev up something or other for the Obama's coronation.

Morgan K Freeberg

Actually, opinion is divided among conservatives who are like...uh...Mr. Watts.

I am a conservative who is voting for McCain, but I am now concerned that he will lose because of he nominated the inexperienced Palin. We need to write letters to him to urge him to pick someone else.

Once again, I am a conservative.

I am a conservative who enjoys tax cuts and the shooting of the gun, but I can no longer support McCain now that he has taken the scandal ridden Palin as his running mate. The National Enquirer is going to expose her affair and sink her. This is of great concern to me since I am a conservative like you.

I am a conservative who likes NASCAR and racism and being a stoopid hillbilly. I love Palin because she's a religious extremist like me who wants to destroy science and teach creationism. She also hates condoms! She is greatest! Me conservative!

Yes, it seems contrary to popular belief, we have some real diversity of viewpoint among us...uh...y'know, conservatives. ;-)


I especially likes the last few examples of diversity over there Morgan... thanks for the early morning chuckle.

Political Republican Opinion

Thanks for the transcript of part one of the interview. I'm putting together a side-by-side comparison of the questions Charlie Gibson asked Sarah Palin, versus the powder puffs that he lobbed underhanded to Obama for a future post.

Compared to the majority o those on the Internet, I prefer to read material rather than watch it. Too bad I can't find transcripts of parts tow through four of the interview.

Peggy McGilligan

The “Bush Doctrine” question, among others was unprofessional. Mr. Gibson didn’t know enough about the “Bush Doctrine” to field a question. Mr. Gibson had to answer Governor Palin’s question about specifics, with yet another question. Either Charlie Gibson was unprepared to articulate the “Bush Doctrine,” or so intent was he on leading the interview or both, that when Ms. Palin asked for clarification Charlie blew it. By tossing the erroneous question back into her lap, Mr. Gibson appeared at least a lazy journalist. So, I’m not surprised Charlie Gibson misquoted the prayer either. Sarah Palin did an excellent job of articulating her take on the “Bush Doctrine.” Don’t do your homework, it’ll show. And, I noticed the demeaning TV camera techniques. One might have expected a hint of impartiality; instead of having to do a double take, to see whether in fact Gibson hadn’t sawed the legs off Ms. Palin’s chair:


This was difficult to read. I can't believe he chose someone that didn't even know what the Bush Doctrine was.


This is so much BS...why don't you post the video instead of the "full" transcript? Is it because you have edited the transcript to make Palin seem sane and reasonable?

This is the age of youtube if you want to be believable post the video and not some transcript that you can make up.

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