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Friday, August 29, 2008


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Fighter pilots are edgy? Maybe when they're not in the sky, they are.

But up there, with tons of jet, jet fuel and weaponry, I don't think so. Up there, they have to be sharp, focused and able to make snap decisions.

That's not edgy. That's training and ability.


why are you so anti-Christian and anti-church (which is the body of Christ on earth-so therefore you are anti-Christ).

You were banned from that board for your perversions and vulgarities. Never mind you could carry a discussion in a bucket when you approach people with advanced degrees.

Being shot down while in a cutting edge jet by a third world country qualifies no one for president.

and rick...did you even attempt to serve?

Morgan K Freeberg

...when you approach people with advanced degrees.

When I need a roomful of people to make a sensible decision, and it's really important to me the decision be the right one, I round up everyone in the room who has "advanced degrees" and kick 'em the hell out.

Seriously. TRACK what decisions are made by these people over a long period of time. They hurt more than they help. At least, once four or more of them get together and achieve critical mass -- their decisions are always wrong.

I pictures guns and cowboy hats, and a swagger down a dusty street. Neither of these images work for me as an appeal for Presidential Character.

Rev Pam wishes to broadcast to the world wide web that she has never seen High Noon before.

Very well. Noted.

Morgan K Freeberg

And Fuq-head. It's okay if I call you Fuq-head, right? Fuq-head. How many keyboards did you build this week?

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