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Sunday, April 20, 2008


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Joined in prayer,

So let it be.

Morgan K Freeberg

And yet... the same time, it would be impossible to argue with a decent adherence to truth, that we have been liberated from any notion of decency at all. Quite the reverse. How many lawsuits, codes, regulations and mandates are flying around at breakneck speed, unimaginable and inconceivable a generation ago, having to do with using politically-incorrect phraseology, inadequate food labeling, calling out less convenient attributes of those persons suspected of homicide or terrorism, or emitting too much carbon?

Our ability to blow the whistle & call shenanigans on each other, is just as robust and sensitive as it as ever been. What we've lost is the willingness to do it out of a sense of decency.


It is far too late in the day for awakening - what we are in need of now is judgement in the refiner's fire.

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