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Friday, April 18, 2008


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Morgan K Freeberg

One has only to observe a meaningful difference between talking about a problem and solving it, to conclude unavoidably the Ehud Olmert prioritized Carter's upcoming visit appropriately (couldn't make time for him).

To conclude that Carter "beats out any of those who ostracize him," "in terms of results," I have no idea what you have to do. The mind reels. Hit yourself in the head with a brick a few times?

Carter's been known to smack nails with hammers -- violently! -- to get them to stop sticking out, and fasten boards together. I know he has. I've seen pictures of him doing it. If he really believed what his toadies and lackeys were writing up about him, he'd slap those houses together by talking to the nails until they sunk themselves into the wood.


There must be some psychological disorder named for this dissociation from all reality that Mr. Carter exhibits? I mean, "wishful thinking"... deserted him years ago..."hopeful" while insulting those attempting to be slaughtered by the millions watch in disgust...

He must live in some eerie mental twilight zone.

"Talk to the nails"

Talk to the nails
See what they say.
Maybe they'll drive themselves
Into the wood some day!

Now try to convince them
they really are glue,
try to melt the sharp point
into soft adhesive goo.

Just go tell the tiger
he really is a lamb,
Then tell the lamb
to lighten up,
shut up,
shut down,

Oh, never least I can admit it isn't going to work.

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