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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


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Shorter version:

Blacks are the real racists!

Morgan K Freeberg

...and how easy it would be for you to disparage it as an unreasonable point of view, had pastor Wright only kept his cakehole shut.

But with things as they are, I'm afraid it'll take more than the patented salvage sarcasm frosting for you to bully people around to your point of view.




"The small auditorium here at the National Constitution Center, where Barack Obama delivered what his aides called a “major address on race, politics, and unifying our country,” was filled mostly with guests invited by the Obama campaign. So it was not surprising that after the speech, Obama’s guests, streaming out of the room into the cavernous atrium of the Center, thought he delivered a great speech. What might be surprising, though, is that a number of them saw nothing particularly wrong with the “controversial” remarks by Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, that set this whole process in motion."

"Vernon Price, a ward leader in Philadelphia’s 22nd Precinct, told me Obama’s speech was “very courageous.” When I asked his reaction to Rev. Wright, Price said, “A lot of things that he said were true, whether people want to accept it, or believe it, or not. People believe in their hearts that a lot of what he said was true.”

Rev. Alyn Waller, of the Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church in Philadelphia, was effusive about Obama’s performance. “I thought it was masterful,” he told me. Waller explained that he knows Rev. Wright and the preaching tradition from which he comes. “I think much of what he had to say was on point in terms of America needs to challenge her foreign policy,” Waller told me. “While it may be divisive to talk about 9/11 as chickens coming home to roost, what was really being said there is that America cannot believe that our hands are totally innocent in worldwide violence. So at the core of his arguments, I think there is a truth.”

"In the end, Obama delivered a well-crafted speech. Has he ever made a truly bad one? But his address at the National Constitution Center did not put to rest the concerns of those Americans who wonder just what he thought as he sat in Wright’s church listening to the pastor’s “controversial” statements; after all, Obama knew of Wright’s positions and had planned, until a very cold day and fear of controversy forced a change, to have Wright deliver the invocation at his presidential announcement last year. Beyond that, the reactions of some Obama partisans in the audience here in Philadelphia today did not put to rest concerns that Rev. Wright’s comments are not the subject of universal disapproval but are in fact positions with which many of Obama’s supporters agree."

Yup, nothing to see, move along.


That kneejoint is looking more and more fragile, salvage. You absolutely positively did NOT prove anything but that if we say black, you are going to say white, and if we say the sky is blue, you are going to insist it's green.

Can you for once stop with the autonomic reflex, THINK, and then post?

We are not accusing every last black in the USA of being racist. Just a particular preacher and his congregation.

I know too many blacks who are normal human beings, who want a nice life for them and their families, and harbor no unusual venom for me, a white woman.

I'm sorry to explode your small mind, but it's true.


Small minds are like large zits. Sooner or later you just gotta pop 'em.

There are no white men/women in those churches because we (white men/women) can't dance like the African American's do. You know those congregations be breaking it down in there. Us white folk would never be able to keep up.


>I know too many blacks who are normal human beings, who want a nice life for them and their families, and harbor no unusual venom for me, a white woman.



I would in no way consider raising my children in a church that preaches such hate unless I believed it myself. Obama lies. He has faithfully supported that church because he obviously agrees with it's tenents which are clearly posted on the website. Sermons like Wrights perpetuate animosity distrust and hate among the races. If Obama didn't agree with him he would have left. Remember the KKK preaches the same things only against blacks. Could you belong and still say; well I don't agree with their antiblack teachings but the rest is good. Of course not. Get real people.

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